Dragonball Super Episode 82 Review

March 24, 2017 jacobtnelson 0

Dragonball super episode 82 is here to wrap up the final exhibition match of the tournament of power. Yes, this time the show actually means it this time. After universe 7’s victory in the previous […]


Ranked!: Captain America

February 24, 2017 thesweetestlou 0

The Star-Spangled Avenger! The Sentinel of Liberty! The First Avenger! Truth, Justice & The American Way…in human form!  That’s right, we’re talking about our favorite Nazi punching, flag waving, no-cursing hero, Captain America!


La La Land Review

February 22, 2017 sethzielinski 0

“La La Land” is a fantastic slice of movie magic. Taking cues from old musical productions of the early 20th century, Damien Chazelle tells a charming and human story that pays homage to the legacy […]


Nioh Review

February 21, 2017 Kevin Kapsiak 0

Nioh is a new game from Team Ninja, the creators of the Ninja Gaiden series. At first glance, it is easy to see that the roots of the game are in the Dark Souls genre. […]

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