Season’s End: Arrow

June 13, 2017 thesweetestlou 6

After what seemed like a two season trek through the basement of the CW Arrowverse, the OG Arrow returned to the top (or, at least near the peak of the precipice) of this TV multiverse of superhero […]


Marvel’s InHumans 1st Trailer Leaks

June 13, 2017 thesweetestlou 0

Anticipation for Marvel TV’s hybrid IMAX project InHumans has ebbed and flowed in recent weeks, with many voicing their displeasure at what the fandom deems to be aesthetically displeasing costume choices for the Royal Family.  The […]


Why “Wonder Woman” Matters

June 1, 2017 thesweetestlou 0

Patty Jenkins’ superhero epic extraordinaire Wonder Woman hits theatres on June 2nd, becoming the first female lead superhero film to be released, despite dozens of comic book movies produced over the last decade.  The film, even […]


Season’s End: The Flash

May 30, 2017 thesweetestlou 2

Well, Flash fans (Flashites?  Flashinators?), we’ve made it to the end of The Flash‘s junior year.  Another evil speedster defeated, another cliff-hanger.  But, is it just me, or………does anyone else feel unfulfilled?

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