Game of Thrones “Eastwatch” Review

August 14, 2017 Jeff Dugan 0

How do you follow the “Battle of the Loot Train”? With epic plot development, return of beloved characters, Westerosi Viagra, and team ups that fans of the series have been aching for. The episode “Eastwatch” […]


Gears of War 4 Review

October 20, 2016 Jeff Dugan 0

Well-Oiled Gears, Ready to Churn Out Sequels The return of the iconic third-person shooter is just what this generation needed, and while most of the experience seems to retread familiar ground,the pace and intensity of […]


Bioshock: The Collection Review

September 22, 2016 Jeff Dugan 0

After all these years, Rapture is still a dark and gritty labyrinth, playing as a big daddy is still empowering, and, from more recent memory, Columbia is still a marvel to see. The gameplay in […]