31 Days Of King – Day 4: Mile 81

Image courtesy of StephenKing.com

What is it with Stephen King and cars? In 1983, he terrorized us with Christine, his novel about a possessed, murderous Plymouth Fury. Twenty years later, he introduced us to a Buck Roadmaster that served as a portal to a world filled with monsters in From A Buck 8.

In 2011, King again entered the world of evil cars with Mile 81 an e-novella (also published in 2016’s The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams) about a mysterious, mud-covered station wagon that rolls into an abandoned highway rest station. The drivers-side door pops open, but no one steps out. Soon, other drivers stop to offer assistance, and the body count begins.

Image courtesy of StephenKing.com

Full of blood, gore and a good bit of humor, Mile 81 feels like a throwback to King’s early days, and for good reason. Though published in 2011, King says he initially wrote this gem in college. According to him, he lost it, but the idea always stuck with him, so, 40 years later, he wrote it again. You’ll be glad he decided to go back to the well.

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