Gotham: Fear the Reaper Review

Episode 2 of season 4 of Gotham is proving to us that the new era of peace that everyone thought was coming was merely a pipe dream.  Things are more insane than ever, and the city is restless.

Bruce is really starting to come into his own as “the hero Gotham needs”.  Only he and Alfred are really aware of what he is doing, but we are really starting to see where Batman begins (pun intended).  Their relationship is stronger than ever.

Meanwhile, Selina and Tabitha are struggling to find their way in the underworld, and are even willing to strike up a shaky, unlikely alliance with the last person anyone would expect.  They want to be on top, but at the same time fear the wrath of Penguin since they no longer have the power they once had.  We really start to see the ladies of the Gotham criminal world begin to form alliances with each other, which we can all safely assume will come to a head later in the season.

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Jim Gordon is having a hard time accepting that for now; he needs to let Penguin win in order to keep the loyalty of the GCPD.  It becomes obvious very quickly that the cops feel they have not made any difference and are done risking their lives for nothing, but as usual, Jim has more Boy Scout in him than whats good for him.  After Jim has to face an encounter with The Scarecrow alone, Jim and Harvey are left to look for other alternatives for allies.

Who doesn’t love Robin Lord Taylor in Funko form?

So far this season there have been several jokes made that have made me feel as if the show is becoming more and more self aware, which I think will make it even better.  I have a better feeling about this season 2 episodes in than I ever have before.




I really enjoyed this episode.  Gotham is wasting no time in picking up the pace, but for once, it seems less convoluted and complicated than usual.


+Lady power is definitely going to be a theme this season

+Bruce and Alfred are just the CUTEST

+ Jim and Harvey are about to reach out to one of my favorite characters from earlier in the show

+ The Scarecrow is terrifying and perfect

-The return of a certain main character is kind of thrown at us with no explanation and we just have to accept it.


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