September 2017 Video Games: 9 Games You Need to Know About

One of the biggest fall seasons for video games is upon us, so do not get too cozy with your flannel and pumpkin spice. This month we have our annual sports franchises, some love for the Nintendo Switch, a return of Bungie’s massive online shooter, and a much anticipated indie title for Xbox One.

Let’s take a look at 9 games that will kick off your video game back log, as we head into the fall and all run indoors.

Songbringer (PC, Xbox One, PS4) – September 5th

Songbringer New Game in September 2017
Source: WizardFu

Starting off on the indie side with Songbringer, a procedural action RPG by Wizard Fu (great name). If you are a fan of the 8-bit game era and are looking for an adventure of pretty epic proportions, you will not want to miss this. Hack-and-slash your way through 9 procedurally generated dungeons. Think original Zelda, but a different map every time you play. This game is a steal for only 19.99 on Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

Destiny 2 (PS4, Xbox One) – September 6th

Destiny 2 Released September 2017
Source: Xbox

Bungie could not give us Halo online, the original premise for Destiny, but what we got instead is a massive online first person shooter set in our solar system invaded by a several hostile alien species. So basically Halo Online. Regardless, Destiny 2 works to fix the missteps of it’s predecessor with a more enhanced story telling and reworked gameplay. If you are returning to Destiny or picking it up for the first time, you are in for a great time.

Metroid: Samus Returns (3DS) – September 15

New Nintendo Metroid Game
Source: Nintendo UK

Nintendo has heard its fans and Metroid, its great sci-fi series, is making a triumphant return to 3DS. This remake of the classic Metriod 2: Return of Samus looks great on the 3DS and it’s is just a signal of more to come, with a Switch game coming soon in the Metriod Prime Series. It is a good time to be a Nintendo fan.

NHL 18 (PS4, Xbox One) – September 15

NHL 18 Release Date

I do not feel qualified talking about any of the sports game on this list, but especially NHL. I have spent almost every event I have been at with the Geekiverse and Beat the Geek getting absolutely trounced by Josiah LeRoy at NHL. This year’s edition of NHL gives players new features like a more arcade-y 3v3 mode, more customization options, and a bigger and better franchise mode.

NBA 2K18 (PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One) – September 19

NBA 2k18 Switch
Source: 2k

It is good to see third party support come to the Nintendo Switch in the form of sports game. NBA 2K18 is this year’s take on it, and besides having switch support, has enhanced the long time favorite MyCareer and MyTeam modes, as well as adding legendary teams to play against.

Pokken Tournament DX (Switch) – September 22

Pokemon fighting game 2017

Pokken Tournament joins the ranks of Mario Kart 8 as a another port of a Wii U game on the Nintendo Switch. This fighting game features 21 Pokemon as fighters from across all 7 generations. They are many ways to fight in this game, but all of them will have you duking it out in new and exciting ways. Grab a little slice of nostalgia today!

Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 2 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) – September 26

Source: Batman Wiki

This series has earned a lot of love from The Geekiverse. Check out a recent episode of GeekPlay, where Josiah & Seth play through the first episode. See what happens with the Batman’s chase of the Riddler. Fight, investigate, and chat your way through the Gotham streets with the help of Telltale’s helpful prompts and quick-time events. Pick up the season to never miss another episode of the cape crusader.

Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 1 – The Enigma Review

Cuphead (PC, Xbox One) – September 29

Cuphead Release Date
Source: Cuphead Game

This is the game that has been teasing a release for over 3 years. This run-and-gun platformer is made in the style of 1930 cartoons with all the touches you would expect of Steamboat Willy picture show with grainy textures and a great soundtrack to boot. The gameplay is very punishing gameplay-wise, but sets itself apart in style alone. If you are a owner of an Xbox One or PC, this should already be on your watch list.

FIFA 18 (PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One) – September 29

FIFA 18 Switch Release
Source: EA Sports

Rounding out the list of great games coming out in September 2017 is another sports game that has Switch support. This year’s FIFA keeps “The Journey” mode alive and well with Hunter Returns. Play in many different ways with friends online, or on the couch. This game will no doubt be the definitive version of FIFA to date.

September is only the tip of the iceberg for this year’s fall lineup for games. Make sure to check back every month for the biggest releases of each month, all brought to you by your favorite Beta. No, not that beta, me Beta.

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