Telltale’s Guardians of The Galaxy Episode 3 Review

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Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy returns for the mid-way point of its five episode season. Star Lord was the primary focus of episode 1 (and remains the underlying guy throughout the season as the arch’s main protagonist), Rocket led the way in episode 2 with a surprisingly deep take on everyone’s favorite raccoon, and now sisters Gamora and Nebula get to share the spotlight this time around.

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In the early stages of this roughly 90 minute episode, we go back in time via flashback to the time when Gamora and Nebula were still fighting for the feared brute Thanos. I am a big a fan of getting more Thanos time, because the Marvel Cinematic Universe has left us mostly high and dry on that front across its films for the better part of a decade now. Just as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 dove deeper into the strained (to say the least) relationship between the sisters, Telltale lets you play out a pivotal moment in the “family’s” history. A decision in the last third of the episode involves these two, and it felt meaningful in relation to the remainder of the season.

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Without giving too much away, another flashback (but this time from a different character) adds yet another layer of depth to the Guardians. I enjoyed the sequence and had some tough decisions to make, though it was clear that they weren’t going to affect my long game. It was another tribute to the lore that was reestablished in the MCU thanks to GOTG Vol. 2, while simultaneously crafting a unique take on the story and truly making it a separate entity.

The humor that is evident throughout episode 3 is some of the best in the series to date, and I found myself genuinely laughing out loud at various times. There is one music-filled sequence (featuring the wonderful Rad Mix) that showcased each of the main characters and proved that Telltale understands the Guardians way and what makes them tick. A wonderful addition to the cast was that of Mantis, who coincidentally enough joined the crew in GOTG Vol. 2. During a few of the interactions with Mantis, there were a few can’t-miss opportunities for some inappropriate Star Lord humor, and I’m pleased to report that Telltale didn’t shy away from it. I look forward to her involvement throughout the rest of the series.

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At the end of the episode, I had to make a major decision that is certain to alienate some of my crew, while bringing the other side of that coin closer. I had to truly sit there and ponder for a few moments before making my call, and kudos to Telltale for not rushing the choice, as there was no timer on this particular decision. It could matter, it could not, but I’m betting that my story will play out quite differently than if I had chosen the opposite. Of course, only time will tell.




Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy has been one of the developer’s most consistent, polished efforts yet. The use of the license shows that they understand the characters, while the execution provides for a unique story that respects the source material of the Marvel comics and movies.

+ The comedy is “slap” stick and on point, providing for a fun, light atmosphere.

+ Good usage of quick time events in the Gamora & Nebula flashback.

+ Perfect pacing and episode length.

+ Mantis, Thanos, and overall flashback sequences.


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Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series Episode 3 was played on an Xbox One. It is also available for PS4 and PC. All pictures taken using the Xbox One screenshot functionality.

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