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A trifecta of DC Extended Universe news, Stranger Things’ future, and the title for the Han Solo Anthology movie.

What in the world is happening with DC’s Extended Universe? Wait! Before we get to that, there were a few other big news items this week in the world of Geek,

Stranger Things‘ co-creators sat down with Vanity to chat about the future of the series, what we can expect next, and when they believe it should end. Fear not, there’s some time left!

There hasn’t been a lot of speculation surrounding the announced title of the coming Han Solo Anthology movie, but a leak found on Reddit this week seems to have led to something a little more concrete. Will Lucasfilm keep the trend and style similar to its only other Anthology film to date?

The ultimate Han Solo cosplay belt

DC couldn’t stay out of the media this week, and proved that no press is bad press. We chose the top 3 things that we heard this week surrounding the comic and movie giant:

  • Ben Affleck & Matt Reeves’ solo The Batman movie is not apart of the DCEU and could even star a different actor as the Dark Knight all together. Or would it?
  • Jared Leto is coming back for two more DCEU films. You might be surprised to hear which ones.
  • An origins Joker movie is rumored to be in production, but this one won’t feature Leto and will feature Martin Scorcese as producer. What?!

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Watch our roundup for yourself here:

What did you think of all the craziness that ensued this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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