Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall Review

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Jon: “We’re all on the same side.”  Gendry: “How can we be?”  Jon: “We’re all breathing.”

Game of Thrones Spoilers

Let me start by saying I was truly dreading this episode. The reason is, if you’ve been following my podcast and Geekly Hump Day articles, because I find the entire plot about going North beyond the Wall to be the dumbest plan ever to be hatched out by a room full of adults. And for good reason…

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Our heroes beyond the wall



Jon Snow, Tormund and the rest of the A-team
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I’m kidding.. that’s not really how it happened. Actually, that’s exactly what happened. Our seven heroes, plus some of Tormund’s group, head North in search of the wight that will make Cersei grant them an armistice and have them focus all their armies on the main threat. It goes as poorly as you can imagine. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the little tidbits of bonding. Jon & Jorah the Longclaw part was cute and kind of foreboding, Beric and Jon talking about dying and coming back to life under the Lord of Light and understanding their purposes was a nice touch, but without a doubt, my favorite was the bonding that occurred between The Hound and Tormund, both talking about “The Big Lady.” I can’t wait for more reunions…

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Jon Snow and the gang surrounded beyond the wall
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All goes according to plan and as they ventured North, they see a bunch of wights being lead by a White-Walker. The heroes attack the undead group and Jon kills the White-Walker leader using Longclaw, the other wights dissolve except one that they take prisoner, but before they can bind and gag it, it manages to call out to the army of the dead leading them right to their position. The dissolving part is interesting – it means that if they, in fact, kill the Night King, it would stop all the other White-Walkers and wights. (Beric says something about the latter) Jon sends Gendry back to Eastwatch to send a raven to Daenerys, asking for aid while the others are left behind to fend off the army of the undead, all perched on a boulder in the middle of a frozen lake. Sadly, Thoros succumbs to the wounds he sustained fighting off an undead polar bear (which means the Night King can reanimate pretty much everything). Can we take a minute and just discuss how ridiculous the fast traveling is in this season? I know that we are fighting against time and there are so many episodes left, but the speeding through the story and character development is something I don’t want to happen. I’ve been so invested in this show/story that I don’t want it to feel rushed.


I was hoping that it would be the Stark sisters against Littlefinger but I think I am wrong. Their happy little reunion is completely gone, and it’s almost like it never happened. Arya is just plain suspicious and almost crazy. I don’t like what she’s become and she’s so quick to see the worst in people that she cannot see the good. She brings out the scroll she found in Littlefinger’s room and reads it aloud to Sansa, telling her she betrayed her family, yada yada yada… I’m going to stop right here. This is so juvenile of Arya that I get instantly annoyed because I love her. As this story arc progresses, you find out that Sansa is worried about what the Northern Lords will say if they find out about the scroll and how she’ll lose their loyalty and respect. Littlefinger points out that Arya cannot hurt Sansa because Brienne of Tarth promised to protect both the sisters. A raven arrives soon after inviting Sansa to come to the meeting of the Kings/Queens to talk about the armistice, not trusting the scroll, she sends Brienne in her stead. So if Sansa sends her only bodyguard, one who is sworn to protect her South, where does that leave her? Right where Littlefinger wants her? Or where Arya wants her? (One can only imagine after the tense meeting they have in Arya’s room) I really do hope this is a long con that Arya and Sansa are both playing to draw out Littlefinger. If it’s not… I don’t even know what I’ll do. I’m secretly hoping that Arya has already killed Littlefinger and is using his face to do her bidding. AND also during all of this, where the hell is Bran? Is he just staring at a wall? How has he not made an appearance or does his “being able to see everything” get in the way of this very poor plot? As you can probably tell I’m not a huge fan of this “drama”. All I can say is this better be a con.

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Arya and Sansa at odds in Winterfell
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Tyrion’s Worry

Daenerys and Tyrion are left to themselves at Dragonstone while the others are pulling off their foolhardy plan. Tyrion asks Daenerys what they should do for a successor, (he’s worried her legacy and chain breaking will end with her) she immediately gets suspicious and angry because her not being able to have children is still a sore subject. He tells her that she has to be more careful as anytime during the battle near Blackwater she could have been struck by an arrow while riding Drogon. He also pleads with her as she’s about to leave on Drogon, that she is their everything and if she should fall, they would have nothing. I’m curious if there is something a red priestess can do to heal Daenerys’ and help her be able to bear children again, then maybe we’ll see little Danys and little Jons running around, thus her legacy will remain intact.

The Rescue

The six Samurai are still clinging to life as they battle wave after wave of wights trying to live long enough for help to arrive, and it does in the form of three Dragons. I really hoped that Dany would be able to wipe out the entire army of the dead, but it was not so. Five climb onto the back of Drogon and watch in horror as the Night King throws, very skillfully I must add, a magical ice javelin at Viserion which hits him right in the chest, causing him to bleed out and die, sinking into the frozen lake. Jon, seeing the Night King readying another one, tells them to leave as he fights more wights. They fly away, narrowly missing another ice javelin, leaving Jon behind. Jon emerges from the water shivering and shaking and is rescued by none other than Benjen Stark, his beloved uncle. Benjen helps him upon his horse and acts as a diversion for Jon to ride away to Eastwatch. We’ve been waiting six seasons for Jon to finally be reunited with his uncle and their reunion lasts for about a minute before they are ripped away again. It was a nice final farewell for Uncle Benjen.

Jon wakes up after being rescued by the others aboard their ship with Daenerys by his side. Seeing the tears in her eyes, he immediately apologizes for such a stupid idea and that her dragon was killed. She tells him that they are the only children she’ll ever have and that she doesn’t regret going because she now knows what they’re up against, and they will fight them together. (I love that he calls her Dany) It’s a cute little scene and I love that Daenerys sees the stab wounds that Jon sustained from the Night’s Watch. Was I the only one who wondered why they still looked so fresh? Hasn’t it been a couple of months since that took place? The scene gets even better when Jon calls her his Queen that he’d bend the knee for. I have a feeling this cemented their relationship, showing each that they feel strongly for one another. It’s even more apparent by how sad Daenerys looks when Jon almost doesn’t return, and how desperate he is to protect her from the White-Walkers. I probably wasn’t the only one hoping they’d kiss, but sadly, it didn’t happen. Daenerys pauses, letting her hand slip from his, instead telling Jon to get some sleep. Oh yeah, they still have the wight they captured with them, so the plan wasn’t a complete failure.

The Dead Shall Rise Again

Before the episode can end, we are taken back North, and the Night King has plans for Daenerys’ child. Using his White-Walkers and wights, they dragged the dead body of Viserion back from his watery grave. The Night King approached him and brought him back. …..SOOO, NOW WE HAVE A FROST DRAGON. Good job, guys, let me just start a slow clap. So, the worst plan in the world not only makes them lose a dragon and Thoros the red priest, but now we have a reanimated White-Walker Dragon, which can fly. It can fly the Night King right over the damn Wall. So now what? How will they bring down a Frost Dragon? I’m really curious on how Daenerys is going to react to seeing her dead baby born again. I’m interested to see if The Night King flying over the Wall doesn’t end with the Wall coming down. Also, how are they not worried about a dead dragon being left behind? They saw the dead bear and they’re not worried about the dead dragon? If they don’t mention it at least once during the next episode I’m calling BS.

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Hello Viserion


Final Score


“Beyond The Wall” Was an action packed episode that kept me on the edge of my seat for the majority of the episode. I still think the plan to capture a wight was dumb. The tension between Arya and Sansa is a bit too dramatic and unnecessary, unless it’s the long con they’re playing at to finally get Littlefinger. The romantic vibes I’m getting from Daenerys and Jon at the end was adorable and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for their relationship. However, I’m not pleased by how everything feels rushed and unexplained. I feel like it’s poor writing on the show’s part and I hope they slow it down. I understand that we only have seven episodes left in the entire show, but is rushing really the answer? Well, my fellow Game of Thrones fans, we now have a Frost Dragon on our hands… you’re welcome?


+ Group Bonding

-Stupid Plan is still stupid but successful…?

-Arya vs Sansa

+Frost Dragon



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