Three Reasons Why Cersei’s Pants are on Fire

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In the last episode of Game of Thrones, Eastwatch, Cersei gives Jamie some interesting news; however, is everything really as it seems? Andrew jumps straight to the heart of the matter, dropping a whole lotta’ knowledge about why Cersei is a liar who may or may not have her pants on fire. Spoilers inbound!

In this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, Cersei tells Jamie that she’s got a bun in the oven, and guess who the baby daddy is? The golden-handed Kingslayer himself! If you’re like me, you might have thought the timing of that announcement was just a little too convenient. I think she’s telling a big-time lie, and here are my three reasons why many of us at The Geekiverse feel the same:

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Reason #1: Cersei is a Schemer

At this point in the series, we all know that Cersei is one of the best players in the game. She is meticulous in her plotting, moves her pawns expertly, and uses both her charm and strength to gain new allies. She has always been about preserving the Lannister power and, through extension, her own. During her conversation with Jamie this week, she mentions that she knows everything that transpires in King’s Landing, and, to be honest, she always seems to have a plan in place. Very rarely do we see her lose her composure. She’s a mastermind.

Reason #2: Cersei knows Jamie has been losing faith in their cause

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One of my favorite character 180’s is Jamie. He went from being super unlikable and evil to being somebody who tries to do the right thing. Understandably, this has often put him at odds with his sister and father. He wants to clear himself of the “Kingslayer” label and regain some of his honor, but he is consistently torn between his duty and his family. Add to that the fact that all three of his children are dead, and one can see why he would be doing through a bit of a crisis of faith. This is doubly so after his army was routed by Daenerys, the Dothraki, and only ONE of her THREE dragons. Even the secret weapon they prepared did little more than make Drogon flinch! When he returns to King’s Landing, he even goes so far as to tell Cersei that, and I’m paraphrasing here, they’re effing screwed. This is a man who is beaten and broken. Cersei knows this and knows that he needs something to fight for–she needs a way to keep Jamie faithful and fighting for her.

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Reason #3: Cersei is Ruthless

This comes as little surprise to anybody who has been watching this show for the last seven seasons. From not even batting an eye when Jamie pushed Bran out of the window at Winterfell, to orchestrating the death of Robert Baratheon by tempting her cousin with sex (umm…ew?). Oh yeah and that one time she blew up AN ENTIRE CHURCH FULL OF PEOPLE BECAUSE A HANDFUL OF THEM WERE HER ENEMIES. Cersei is a badass, hands down. She has her goal in mind, a Lannister on the Iron Throne, and she will stop at nothing, she will sacrifice any pawn, to see that dream realized. After all of that, don’t you think lying to her brother would come easily? I sure do.

Let’s put it all together!

While she has been winning some major battles, Cersei has few allies. She needs to keep everybody she has, including her brother. Jamie has been changing, and Cersei knows this. She knows she needs a way to control him, so what does she do? After being extremely cold to him for the longest time, she suddenly decides to seduce him. This was not an act of passion–it was calculated. She was planting the seed (no pun intended) for a new form of control to be used in the near future.

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Then, Jamie’s epic defeat at the hands of Daenerys and his insistence that they are finished forced Cersei to put her plan in place. Their three children

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are dead–three children that Jamie could never claim as his own. When Jamie asks who she will claim to be the father, she says it will be him. This is something Jamie has long dreamed of, and Cersei is using this to redouble his commitment to winning this war for the Lannisters. The effect is instant, with Jamie almost at the verge of tears as he hugs his sister. As we see Cersei’s eyes as she hugs him back, you can almost read her mind: “Mission accomplished.”

The most brilliant part of this whole plan is how this method of control may serve to exponentially increase Jamie’s resolve and hatred of the Lannisters’ enemies. Obviously, there would be a lot of questions a few months down the road when Cersei isn’t showing and even MORE questions nine months later when there is no baby. It’s a simple solution: Something will happen, perhaps the stress of ruling during a war, or perhaps a staged poisoning (or another form of assassination). This event will result in a miscarriage. Cersei will feign brokenheartedness and demand Jamie take revenge for their unborn child, again increasing his loyalty and determination to smite the armies of Daenerys and Jon Snow.

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So what do you think? Did I get it right, or is she really preggers? Do you have any other theories or predictions for the rest of the season? Let me know in the comments!

Andrew is a writer and editor for The Geekiverse. He doesn’t always concoct diabolical plots like Cersei, but when he does, it’s almost always while using Josiah Leroy as an unwitting pawn.

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