GHD: 5 Take-Aways From Game of Thrones’ “Eastwatch”

It’s been three days since the latest episode of Game of Thrones and I’m still buzzing about all the things that are taking place. Without having to re-watch the episode again, I’ll point out five key points that you may have missed or should take special notice of that happened in “Eastwatch.”


Arya & Sansa vs Littlefinger?

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You may be confused. Arya’s entire part in the latest episode had her suspicious of two people: Littlefinger and Sansa. She is seen spying on Littlefinger, watching him having secret meetings in the kennels or having Maester Wilkin provide him with old scrolls. Right away it seems that Littlefinger is again spinning a web of deceit and lies, trying to pit the Stark Sisters against each other. It’s very obvious that he planted the scroll Arya found so that it would end up in her hands. If you pause the show and read the scroll, we find that it’s the letter that Sansa wrote to Robb during Season 1 asking Robb to swear fealty to King Joffery. You may remember that Cersei forced Sansa to write this letter. Littlefinger sees Arya leave his room, and I’m under the impression that if Arya truly wanted to be unseen, she could have easily worn a face, or remained unseen altogether. Her public confrontation with Sansa is also a little outside of her character.  Why am I saying all this? It’s simple. I think Arya and Sansa are playing Littlefinger. Sansa at this point in the game, she should be wise to Littlefinger’s old tricks, and I know Arya can see right through him.  If this little theory is correct, I can’t wait to see his head roll.


Cersei is Preggers?!

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NOOOOO!!! JAIME!! RUN RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AND GET AWAY FROM HER!! Woah… I’m not sure what happened there. Okay, so I for one am not buying this whole “Cersei being preggers.” I’m just not. It’s tooo convenient. I think Cersei is using it as a crutch. She sees that Jaime is becoming more distant from her and I’m sure she remembers how heartbroken he was when their last son had died. She wants Jaime to remain at her side and be loyal to her and if there’s one thing I know it’s her prophecy which states she would only have 3 children. A fourth isn’t in the cards…. Soo FU Cersei I hate you.. let Jaime go. You’re poisoning him, and Jaime be a dear and just kill her already.

Lots and Lots of Game of Thrones Books. Lots.


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Our favorite rower has finally made his return, and if he didn’t seem anything like Robert Baratheon the last time, he does now. Davos goes to King’s Landing and retrieves him from Fleabottom on the Street of Steel where all the blacksmiths work. Gendry has been patiently waiting for the day when Davos would come to get him, and he’s prepared with a majestic motherfing WARHAMMER–it even has a golden stag on it! He doesn’t care where he’s going; he’s done with hiding. His meeting with Jon is my absolute favorite and he even immediately volunteers to go North to catch a wight. Fingers-crossed for a Gendry and Arya reunion!

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Jon Targaryen

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At the Citadel, Sam and Gilly are pouring over the numerous old texts, looking for more clues for the White Walkers. Gilly perks up asking Sam what an “annulment” means. He’s not really listening, but he answers her question. She continues to read about how Rhaegar Targaryen got an annulment from his wife and had a secret wedding ceremony in Dorne. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?! Jon Snow is no longer a bastard!! Jon Snow is a legal heir of Lyanna Stark/Targaryen and Rhaegar Targaryen. Which means he is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. If you are starting to put the puzzle pieces together, there were Kingsguard protecting pregnant Lyanna. The same Kingsguard Ned fought with Howland Reed) WHEN IS EVERYONE GOING TO FIND OUT?! WHEN IS JON GOING TO FIND OUT?!


The Hunt for the Wight

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So what do you get when you have seven of your best fighters (and King) go North beyond The Wall to catch a Wight just to prove to the Realm that White-Walkers are real? The dumbest plan that has ever been conceived by a room full of adults. How can they think that this plan isn’t going to back-fire? They are terrified about the army of the dead… and yet here they are marching up to them with seven men. SEVEN MEN. One of which is the King of the North… I just can’t. Here at the Geekiverse, we are already taking bets about who is going to die. I will probably be screaming at the TV the entire next episode of Game of Thrones.

Well thanks again for reading folks, its been a real pleasure. Please post a comment if you agree, disagree, or feel like I missed something much more important. Cheers!

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