The Geekiverse’s Top 25 Xbox One Games – Part 1

These are exciting times for Microsoft fans. The Xbox One X is nearing it’s Fall release, promising unprecedented running power and graphical fidelity for console gamers. There are tons of games on the horizon that will fully utilize the system’s technical prowess, including a number of exclusives that only a Microsoft gamer will be able to enjoy.

As we approach a new era in Xbox’s history, we here at the Geekiverse have put together our list of the 25 best games to appear thus far on the Xbox One. This will be a five-part series counting down five games at a time. Today, you’ll see our picks for game’s 25-21. Check back in the coming days for new installments as we work our way to to the full, 25-game list.

This is a list we plan to update as this generation of gaming rolls along, and especially as the Xbox One X makes its impact on the home console industry. Contributing to this ranking was Josiah LeRoy, Jeff Pawlak, Adam Herr, Andrew Garvey, Chelsey Silvus, Sam Budzinski, Tom Kolbert, Seth Zielinski, and Jeff “Beta” Dugan.


25. Batman: Return to Arkham

Our Official Review: 8.5/10
Release Date: October 18, 2016

Two original Batman games remastered, updated, and better than ever. Return to Arkham contains the complete versions of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, including all of the additional downloadable content. Originally released in 2009 and 2011 respectively, these two games, created by Rocksteady Studios, circle around the Batman and some of his nemeses. Arkham Asylum focuses on the Joker, who takes over Arkham Asylum, setting his gaze on Gotham City. You play Batman, as he fights his many of his old adversaries and tries to save Gotham City from the Joker’s clutches. In Arkham City, a year has gone by since the asylum incident, and Professor Hugo Strange has expanded Arkham to be a super-prison in a run-down area of Gotham. Batman is imprisoned, and must uncover the truth behind the plan Professor Strange is weaving. Batman needs to do all of this as he is slowly dying of a sickness, thanks to the Joker. – Chelsey Silvus

24. Ori & The Blind Forest

Release Date: June 14, 2016

A whimsical adventure, Ori and the Blind Forest is a beautiful one player, side-scrolling game designed by Moon Studios and published by Microsoft Studios in 2015. You play a guardian spirit, Ori, and the great Spirit Tree’s “light and eyes,” Sein. Your goal is to bring the light back to the forest, restoring what has gone awry. Ori solves puzzles and moves through different areas of the forest, learning a variety of abilities and skills throughout their journey to bring the light to every corner of the forest. The music, the artistry, the story-line, and the game play are altogether exquisite. Also available on Windows, Ori will take you to another world. Where darkness and light are at odds, and in harmony. – Chelsey Silvus

23. Firewatch

Release Date: April 10, 2017

A mystery set in 1989 in the Shoshone National Forest, Firewatch keeps your mind constantly swirling. The game was developed by Campo Santo and published by Campo Santo and Panic, released to Windows, OS X, Linux, PS4, and Xbox in 2016. This award winning game follows Henry, a fire lookout for the Shoshone National Forest who has one form of communication in a walkie talkie with his supervisor Delilah. Strange things begin to happen while Henry and Delilah, relating to a mystery from the past. Throughout the game, Henry has interactive dialogue options the player can choose from in regards to Delilah, affecting their relationship in the midst of the happenings. The player’s goal is to find out what’s really going on, protecting not just the park, but their own life and Delilah’s. – Chelsey Silvus

22. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Our Official Review: 9.25/10
Release Date: January 28, 2014

The reboot of this legendary franchise received critical acclaim when it was released in 2013 on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 and again when the Definitive Edition was released on Xbox One and PS4 in 2014. For this game, developer Crystal Dynamics decided on an origin story that features Lara Croft on her first expedition, which of course goes horribly wrong and forces her to do whatever she can to survive. This was a more human Lara than gamers had been used to seeing, and it worked very well. Toss in a good combat system, interesting crafting, and Assassin’s Creed/Uncharted-style, vertigo-inducing platforming, and you have yourself the base of a new (old) franchise.  – Andrew Garvey

21. Gears of War 4

Our Official Review: 9/10
Release Date: October 11, 2016

This game might as well have been called Gears: Legacy. Set 25 years after the last game in the main line trilogy, this game captures the essence of its predecessors, but lacked inventive design and spirit. It was developed by The Coalition, a first party developer for Microsoft, who was also the publisher.  The game is a third person shooter, putting you in the boots of JD Fenix, son of the main series protagonist, Marcus Fenix. You will take on the all to familiar Swarm, and the more interesting government killerbots, DeeBees. For Gears fans, this is a must play. If you are new to the series play this game for the great campaign, but do not expect a brand new multiplayer experience. Definitely grab a friend because the experience is better together. Roll out, Gears, we have another trilogy to launch. Jeff ‘Beta’ Dugan

Come back tomorrow for Part 2 of our Xbox Top 25 countdown: Games 16-20

Did you play one of these games? Let us know what you thought below.

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