Star Trek Discovery Trailer, Tribbles, and Khan?

Image: CBS

For some the most highly anticipated trailer at SDCC was the new Star Trek Discovery trailer. This was two minutes and forty seconds of what looks to be the highest budgeted television show ever made.

Star Trek Discovery is trying to blur the lines between television and movie by shooting in a 2:1 aspect ratio  with extremely high production values TrekCore reports. The infamous CBS All Access paywall, which many fans have been railing against since it was announced in November of 2015, looks to be what will help give us the most impressive looking Star Trek to date. Have a look at the trailer.

Star Trek Discovery’s new trailer doesn’t really seem to scream Star Trek; it feels more like it shouts generic space sci-fi. This is, no doubt, by design. CBS has to attract a general audience beyond just Trekkies/Trekkers to make the show financially viable. As trailers are usually meant to be deceptive, it seems the trailers are being shaped to attract the general audience with lots of action, slick effects, and explosions. Hopefully, this will get new people though the door and the classic way that Star Trek develops compelling characters and allegorical storytelling will hook new fans while keep the long time fans happy.

Star Trek Discovery: Desperate Hours – An original novel based on the new CBS show

The look of the Federation ships seems to fit the Starfleet aesthetic, although they do look a bit advanced for the time period that Star Trek Discovery takes place in. On the other hand, the Klingon ships look nothing like what we’ve come to know over the years. We see about five different configurations of Klingon ships drop out of warp in formation but none of them look like anything beyond generic sci-fi space ships. Hopefully, there will be an explanation to this. One thing we do know is that the Klingons being bald was a mandate passed down by Bryan Fuller (as per before he left the show to focus on American Gods. There have been rumblings that the Klingons are from an ancient family so maybe the ships are, as well.

We also got a brief look at Rainn Wilson’s take on Harcourt “Harry” Fenton Mudd. He seems to be much more menacing then comic relief. As we see more of the show, hopefully, the writers will put Rainn Wilson’s comedic talents to work.

Star Trek: 50 Artists 50 Years 

Despite the few reservations mentioned above, seeing Star Trek return to “TV” after a 12 year drought is an enormously exciting proposition.  September 24, 2017 can not come soon enough.

If you have ever wanted to learn Klingon Duolingo expects to have the Klingon for English speakers learning beta available September 15th so that we have a few days to learn bits of Klingon before we hear it spoken on the show!

Image: CBS

Beyond just the trailer for Star Trek Discovery it has also been confirmed that Tribbles will show up in the series. Hopefully this will be the great Klingon Tribble War that was mentioned in the Deep Space Nine episode “Trials and Tribble-ations”. It will be interesting to see how the Klingons will conduct war on two fronts with the Federation on one side and Tribbles on the other! Maybe the Federation comes to the aid of the Tribbles, and this is what draws them into the war with the Klingons? Hopefully, it will be something like this, and not just humans fawning over how cute Tribbles are. We’ve already seen that. Let’s see the Great Tribble Hunt, as Odo puts it, and hopefully there will be a catchy Klingon song to commemorate it.

Image: Paramount

Nicholas Meyer one of the writers and producers of Star Trek Discovery (and of course the Director of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country) has also let out that he is working on an untitled Star Trek project. Recently, a rumor has surfaced that he is working on a mini series based on Khan Noonien Singh that would be about the period of time between when Kirk leaves Khan and company on Ceti Alpha V in “Space Seed” and when he escapes the planet in Star Trek II.

If the series is a mini series, this could be a fantastic idea. If this is going to be a full multi-season show it doesn’t seem like it would be very Star Treky. Or if this is a Star Trek story anthology series where each season focused on a different set of characters in the Star Trek universe, it could be interesting. Star Trek, at it’s core, has been about exploration and a show with characters just in one place might get a little tiresome. However, if anyone is going to be working on a project featuring Khan, it most definitely should be Nicholas Meyer. While all of this is rumor and speculation, when Meyer was asked if was working on a series feature Khan he replied  “I Khannot possibly comment.” (RedShirtsAlwaysDie) Is this his way of confirming the theory or is he just trying to get fans all riled up?

It looks like it’s a good time to be a Trekkie/Trekker we have a new show just over a month away. The show is going to be delivering us new Klingon stories and Tribbles. Not sure if anyone was really dying for more Tribbles but by all accounts it seems like we are getting them lets just hope we see something new with them. If Nicholas Meyer is working on a Khan series in consort with the Discovery series could we possibly be entering a new golden age of Star Trek? It is premature and possibly unwise to believe we are entering a new golden age of Star Trek. We first have to see how Discovery preforms. Here’s hoping Discovery preforms much better then expected so we can get multiple concurrent Star Trek shows like we had in the 90s.

Let us know what you think about the new Discovery trailer, your take on Tribbles, and Khan down in the comments. Also feel free to tweet your thoughts directly to me @david_j_duncan

David Duncan is a life long Star Trek fan and is the producer and co-host of Synthaholics: A Star Trek Podcast. In his free time he brews his own Klingon Bloodwine!

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David Duncan is the co-host of the Synthaholics Star Trek podcast. He loves sci-fi, fantasy, video games, and comic movie/tv show adaptions.


    • We should at least get two seasons of this show since the Netflix deal for airing the show world wide outside of US and Canada essential paid for the whole first season of the show. So CBS is basically producing a season of Star Trek Discovery for free. All Access already has over one million subscriptions so they will make money on that and the new subscriptions that will come because of Star Trek. Ads play on All Access so they will make money from that. So at the VERY least we should be getting two seasons from the show. Paying 6.99 a month is less then the cost of a movie ticket. I don’t understand why this is such a big deal. As Star Trek fans we should support the show and stop paying for all access once we are done watching Star Trek. I’m only going to subscribe to all access to watch Star Trek. I routinely rotate out my premium channels. I had Starz to watch American Gods, I canceled it and started up HBO to watch Game of Thrones, and I’ll cancel HBO to start up All Access for Star Trek.

      I’m not a fan of CBS doing a pay version of their channel but its the way things are going. In the news Disney just announced they are building their own platform and once it’s up they will remove all of their content from Netflix. We should vote with our dollars and show them what content we want and cancel all access when we are done with Star Trek if they see a mass exodus maybe it will make them reconsider having the show on Netflix. Or maybe they will generate more Star Trek content to keep us engaged for more then three months a year. Either way is a win for us. Star Trek on Netflix will reduce our monthly bill. But I believe if it did move to Netflix it would take a drop in visual fidelity. Or if they made 2 or 3 new series it’s more Star Trek to me that is a win because I for one can always use more Star Trek.

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