Geekly Humpday: 5 Take-Aways from Game of Thrones’ The Spoils of War

I probably wasn’t the only one that was left with my jaw on the floor as Spoils of War ended. I was left wanting more and furious that the episode was so short. So with this week’s GHD, I’ll be pointing out the very key plot points that left an impact with me and probably a lasting impact with you too.


Bran’s Words

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Photo Credit: HBO                   Just stop Littlefinger….

Littlefinger is trying to do, what Littlefinger does…. He is trying to suck up to whatever Stark has power and as of right now, it’s Bran. Littlefinger gives him the Valyrian Dagger that was used to kill him when he was crippled in season one. Bran takes the dagger and holds it in his hands, examining it in his zen like state. Littlefinger prattles on about his loyalties for House Stark and his love for his mother Catelyn, but Bran doesn’t care… he’s not Bran anymore: He’s the Three-eyed Raven. He interrupts Baelish and says a couple of words that wipe the smile right off Baelish’s smug face, “Chaos is a Ladder.” Now if you’re unfamiliar with this line’s meaning, it’s what Littlefinger tells Varys when they are talking in the Throne Room in King’s Landing in Season three. How did Bran know this? Well the audience knows that Bran can see the past and future, but Littlefinger doesn’t and it’s so amazing to see him so unnerved.

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Arya’s Return

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Photo Credit HBO

I was wondering if she was truly going to go back to Winterfell. I was skeptical and thought she would still continue her journey down south to finish her list, but I was wrong- she wanted to see her family. Her reunion with Sansa was heart-warming, and her reunion with Bran was rewarding especially when he gives her the Valyrian Dagger, but the best part was her spar with Brienne, the best Knight in the Seven Kingdom’s. Arya holds her own as they go back and forth, showing off her skills to her sister and Littlefinger. As her and Brienne end their sparring match, breathless with admiration, Arya stares directly at Littlefinger like she’s seeing right through him.

The Iron Bank’s Support

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Photo Credit: HBO       A Lannister always pays their debts.

Cersei makes good on her promise to the Iron Bank by securing the gold from Highgarden, as they in turn promise to back her in the war against Daenerys. Could this mean that Cersei will be able to rebuild their Army and Navy? Maybe, but when all of the great houses are pretty much dead or in open rebellion against you, who do you have to fight for you?


Jon’s Cave Drawings

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Photo Credit: HBO                   Looks like Jon’s a little Bob Ross

This part of the episode was probably the weirdest/most far-fetched idea they put into the show. Jon calls Daenerys to check on the Dragonglass before they start mining it. He then ventures further into the cave to show her old cave drawings that the Children of the Forest did. They depict the First Men and the Children of the Forest coming together to defeat the common enemy: The White-Walkers. After seeing the cave drawings and hearing Jon’s pleads for an alliance, Daenerys finally agrees but only if he’ll bend the knee. It’s also during this scene that you can feel the mutual attraction between the two of them…here’s to hoping!!


The Battle at the Reach

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Photo Credit: HBO         ‘Dracarys’

Jaime, Bronn, and the Tarly’s are tasked with getting the gold and grain from Highgarden to King’s Landing. While doing so, they are attacked by Daenerys’ Dothraki army and Daenerys herself upon Drogon. The battle is intense and absolutely amazing. The Lannister army is slaughtered by the Dothraki and Drogon, and Tyrion can only watch the chaos from afar. It looks like it’s a clear victory for Daenerys until Bronn manages to wound Drogon using the Ballista. Daenerys and Drogon land to get the bolt out from his shoulder when they are almost speared by Jaime who “courageously’ rides up to to her, trying to catch her off guard while her back is turned. Little does Jaime realize that even if Drogon is wounded, he isn’t out. Drogon, protecting his mother, goes to attack Jaime but he is saved last minute by Bronn, who are both tossed into the river, nearly avoiding Drogon’s flames. We are left watching as Jaime sinks to the bottom of the lake at the end of the episode.


With everything coming to place and all these story lines finally meeting up, I can only wonder what’s going to happen next? Is there going to be a fateful reunion between Tyrion, Jaime ,and Bronn? Now that they’ve seen the ballista, Daenerys now knows that Cersei has a plan for her Dragon invasion. Will Jon and Arya finally be reunited? Will Jon finally bend the knee? I have so many questions that I hope will be answered with the remaining episodes in the season. Let me know what your thoughts and opinions are, I would love to hear from you!! We also have a review for Spoils of War here! Do you agree with the score that we gave it? Let us know!

Cheers, Geeks!


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