Disney To Launch Its Own Streaming Services, Will Pull Its Movies From Netflix

Taking over the world: The mouse is building its own house in the name of a new streaming avenue for Disney and its properties.

During its latest earnings report, Disney announced that they are building their own streaming service, resulting in an eventual breakup with media mogul, Netflix. Last August, Disney bought a 33 percent stake in BAM Tech, which will help to power the new service.

The current plan is to launch multiple lines of streaming, first with an ESPN streaming service in 2018. It will include coverage and events from Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, Collegiate Sports, tennis’ Grand Slam, and by then, the National Hockey League. Over 10,000 events will be included in the coverage.

In terms of fictional properties, a direct-to-consumer service will debut in 2019. This will include Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars films, though the Marvel-Netflix TV Shows will remain on Netflix for the time being (likely until the end of the contractual agreement between the two companies). That means shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and the upcoming Defenders will stay behind.

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Because this service in particular is launching in 2019, it will kick off with Disney’s 2019 theater slate, which includes the live-action Lion King, Frozen 2, & Toy Story 4. CEO Bob Iger also said that the company will be making a “significant investment” in developing exclusive movies and TV series for this new service (are we finally getting that live-action Star Wars series?!).

Scar Potentially Cast in Live Action The Lion King

This is a huge deal and honestly, why shouldn’t Disney? If you can cut out the middle man, there’s no sense in not doing so. I am very intrigued to see what kind of series will be coming to the Disney service in the form of exclusive films and shows. There’s no limit to what they can produce, with the ownership of major geeky franchises ranging from Star Wars to Marvel. This will likely spell the end of the Marvel-Netflix shows moving forward.

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