Geekly Humpday: 5 Takeaways From Game of Thrones: The Queen’s Justice

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Hello Geeks! This week’s episode of Game of Thrones, The Queen’s Justice, was fantastic! It started and ended on a high note. For this week’s Geekly Humpday, I will be talking about the 5 biggest things that happened in the episode and what left the biggest impact.

The Meeting of Fire and Ice

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Image From Vox. Dany and Jon’s Meeting

It finally happened, Game of Thrones Fans!!! Jon and Daenerys finally met! It didn’t go how I imagined it would, but it went as well as it should have. Daenerys and Jon don’t trust one another, but ultimately out of mutual respect, she helps him. I loved everything about their meeting and I loved that it took up a good portion of the episode. I can only imagine what is going to be take place now that Fire and Ice have been finally brought together.

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Another Stark Reunion

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Image from Youtube. Reunited and it feels so good.

It wasn’t who I thought it was going to be and I was honestly hoping it was going to be Arya, but instead it was Bran. Sansa and Bran are reunited at Winterfell and he tells Sansa as they sit in the Weirwood that he is the Three-Eyed Raven.


Sir Jorah is Healed

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Image from Looper. The touching scene of Sam shaking Jorah’s hand.

Sam did it!! Sam has healed Jorah Mormont from Greyscale and now Jorah can return to his Khaleesi. Sam’s punishment for going over the Arch Maester’s head? He is to recopy a ton of ancient scrolls. (Perhaps there’s some more wisdom to be found among them?)

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Daenerys’ Lack of Allies

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Image by Ign Africa. Daenerys learns of her defeat by Euron Greyjoy

She is now without the Dornish, the Tyrell’s, and Greyworm is stranded at Casterly Rock. Who will she turn too? She can’t use the Dothraki and her Dragons to take down Cersei, but could she get help from The King of North perhaps? She gives him Dragonglass and he gives her an army worthy of taking down the Mad Queen? Only future episodes will tell.


Cersei’s Good Fortune

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Image By Viral Crusher. The Long Farewell

Everything so far in this season of Game of Thrones has gone exactly as Cersei wanted. Euron helped her stop Daenerys’ fleet as they were sailing to Dorne, Cersei got her revenge on Ellaria for killing Myrcella, Euron’s fleet cut off Greyworm at Casterly Rock and she with the help of her brother Jaime, has taken Highgarden and in doing so, secured her future with the Iron Bank. Will her good fortune, continue? It’s highly unlikely…


Olenna’s Revenge

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Image from Nerdist. The Queen of Thorns Everyone.

Olenna had everything ripped away from her and all she wanted was revenge. She kinda gets it. Not only does she get a painless death, but she goes out on her terms telling Jaime that she was the one who poisoned Joffery. This was probably my favorite part of the episode and I was even surprised by that. It was badass but hey, she isn’t the Queen of Thorns for nothing.


So far with season 7, I have yet to be disappointed and I feel that it’s only going to get bigger and better as everyone’s stories are slowly starting to mix together.


Sammy B is the resident “Geek” of Game of Thrones. So much so, that she hosts a weekly podcast about it, which you can listen to Here!  She also wonders why can’t Daenerys just give Jon a dragon already or at least ride Drogon at night and burn all of Euron’s ships?


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