Geekly Humpday: 5 Takeaways from GoT Season 7 Episode 2

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This week’s episode “Stormborn”, ended on a low note or high note depending on who’s side you’re rooting for. I’m rooting so hard for Daenerys to win that I had to take a deep breath after that episode. So for this weeks GHD, I’m writing about the 5 biggest points that I took from it.

Cersei’s Plan

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Word of Daenerys coming to Westeros has spread like Wildfire, and Cersei is scrambling to get allies. Love and support for her is at an all time low, and that’s even more apparent with the lack of noble houses who come to Cersei’s call (she blew up a lot of them). She uses the nobles exploiting their love for their country and their fear of foreigners as she weaves a tale tarnishing Daenerys’ image. There’s also the question about how they’re going to defend King’s Landing against Dragons; however, that won’t be a problem because Qyburn has a trump card up his sleeve: A Ballista.

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Tyrion’s Failed Plan

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Daenerys  needs a plan if she’s going to take over the 7 Kingdoms and they have one. They are going to surround and starve out Cersei and her troops in King’s Landing using the Dornish and Tyrell’s, with Yara using her ships to ferry them back and forth. Then the Unsullied and the Dothraki will be taking down Casterly Rock, the ancestral home of the Lannisters and the source of their power; however, trouble arises as Yara, Theon, Ellaria, and her Sand Snakes are attacked by Euron Greyjoy and his pirates. Yara, Ellaria and her youngest are taken captive, their fleet is destroyed, and Theon peaced out. Stage 1 of Tyrion’s plan is an utter failure, and Euron has his gift.

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Arya Heading North

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Arya stops at a tavern to rest and sees a familiar face: Hotpie. It’s here gorging herself on his famous pies that she learns that Jon is the new Lord of Winterfell and the new King of the North. The look of awe that spreads upon her face pulls on the heartstrings as Arya realizes that she may just have some family left in this cruel world. Mounting her horse she decides that she’s done with her revenge and is finally going home.

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Jon Heading South

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After getting two Ravens, it’s painfully obvious that Jon is needed at Dragonstone. They need the Dragonglass, there’s no debate, if they don’t get it they will not survive the army of the dead. After much talk and disagreement Jon says he’s leaving Winterfell and heading south to meet with the Queen and get the Dragonglass. He leaves Winterfell in Sansa’s hands, much to Baelish’s enjoyment.


Sam’s Conviction

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While treating a man with heavily progressed Greyscale with the Archmaester, Sam learns of the man’s identity: Jorah Mormont, son of Jeor Mormont the deceased Lord Commander. It’s here we yet again learn about Sam’s character. He asks the Archmaester about different ways that they might treat Jorah, and again the Archmaester turns him down. That’s when Sam decides to treat Jorah against his Master’s wishes. He goes to Jorah’s room wheeling in a  cart with numerous tools and salves and starts treating Jorah because he’s the only son of Jeor, and Jeor was a good man. Being with this series for 7 years, I love how the character stories are starting to come together and I love that no matter how bad things get Sam’s not afraid to do what’s right.

Let me know what you took away from this week’s episode, was it different from mine? Leave a comment below!

Sammy B. is a little Game of Thrones obsessed and dedicating her GHD articles to GoT until the season is over. Also if Cersei kills one of Daenerys’ dragons she will rage.

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