Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 Review

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Last week, Game of Thrones returned for its seventh season with a whopping 10 million viewers. The premiere wasn’t so much action packed, but it was heavily packed in regards to characters–some we’ve grown used to seeing at the center of the action and others that we haven’t seen in quite some time. This week, viewers were able to get a bit of everything: character development, action, love, and (of course) death and destruction.

It’s safe to say that if you haven’t seen the latest episode, stop reading now… Nothing but spoilers lie ahead.

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Episode two begins on a dark and stormy night (similar to the night that Daenerys Stormborn was born) at Dragonstone where Daenerys and her trusted allies are gathered in the war council room. Daenerys confronting Varys for the first time (that we see), she offers her thanks to him for his help in securing both Ellaria Sand of Dorn and Olenna Tyrell as strong allies. But her thanks quickly turns to a threat: he has betrayed multiple kings in the past and only once she had risen to power did Varys seem to care about her. It’s at this point, that for the very first time in the show, we see Varys passionately tell the truth. He has chosen to follow Daenerys because he believes in her and if he ever sees her follow down the corrupted path that her father was on, he would tell her.

Half of the people in her council want Daenerys to attack King’s Landing. She has an army, a formidable fleet, the Unsullied, the Dothraki, and three dragons–who could win against that? But Daenerys does not want to be the queen of ashes and she decides to listen to Tyrion’s advice. This is a war for Westeros and Westerosi armies (and their allies) should fight it. Instead of sending foreigners in to fight their war, it is decided that the Dornish, Ironborn and Highgarden armies will surround King’s Landing and cut off all food, supplies, and armies to the capital while the Unsullied and Dothraki attack the Lannister’s ancestral home of Casterly Rock, hopefully bringing an end to the family’s immense hold over Westeros.

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Grey Worm then informs Daenerys that there is someone here to see her–a Red Priestess. Now we’ve seen a few of these priestesses in Daenerys’s story line but, instead of one of those familiar faces from Mereen, it’s everyone’s favorite Red Priestess, Melisandre. Melisandre says that she believes Daenerys may be the Azor Ahai: the prince (or princess… you’re right, Tyrion… it doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as nice) that was promised. Once thought to be Stannis Baratheon, Melisandre now senses that it could be Dany… or Jon… or perhaps both.

Tyrion ends up sending a raven to Jon Snow and for the first time, we are teased with the idea that Jon and Dany might just meet for the first time in six seasons…

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Speaking of Daenerys, it’s time to take a look at everyone’e favorite member of the friend zone: Ser Jorah Mormont! Still in the Citadel at Old Town, we finally get to see just how far his Greyscale has gotten and let’s just say, it’s not looking too good (unless you really like singed marshmallows… then that’s exactly what he looks like). Archmaester Ebrose and Sam work together to see if anything can be done but the Archmaester ends up giving Ser Jorah the bad news that the Greyscale is beyond anything that they can treat. But Sam is confident in what he discovered in the restricted section and what he saw with his own eyes when he met little Shireen: dragon glass can cure Greyscale. After he learns that Ser Jorah is the son of Jeor Mormont, Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch in Sam’s early  years at The Wall, Sam decides to secretly help Jorah and begins the (disgusting) process of trying to heal the Greyscale.

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Up in the North, Jon receives the raven from Tyrion asking for him to come to Dragonstone to meet with Daenerys and build an alliance against Cersei. He ends up sharing this with his lords as well as the raven he got from Sam about the mountain of dragon glass beneath Dragonstone. Despite the fact that everyone disagrees with Jon’s decision (even our favorite Mormont, Lady Lyanna), he declares that he will accept Tyrion’s invitation and go south to Dragonstone, leaving Sansa as Wardeness of the North (we see you over there, Littlefinger… don’t you dare mess with our Sansa!).

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Speaking of Starks, we find Arya sitting in a pub still headed south to kill the queen. But when she learns from Hot Pie that the Boltons are all dead and Jon Snow has reclaimed Winterfell, Arya FINALLY turns around and starts her journey north to (hopefully) reunite with Sansa and Jon… just in time for Jon to head south to Dragonstone… of course…

While on her journey, she is surrounded by a pack of wolves. When all seems lost for Arya, we get to see one of the last of the Stark’s direwolves: Nymeria, which she previously sent away back in season one after she attacked Joffrey (talk about a blast from the past!). Arya stands before Nymeria, begging her to return to Winterfell with her but the wolf ends up leaving with her pack, sparing Arya. As the direwolf disappears into the forest, Arya mutters sadly to herself, “That’s not you.”

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In King’s Landing, Cersei is on the Iron Throne and summons all of her bannermen to warn them of the coming war from Daenerys Targaryen and to make sure each of them swears allegiance to her. She warns of the savages that the new mad queen will be bringing with her: Dothraki barbarians and Unsullied enslaved soldiers. Jaime ends up speaking in private with Randyll Tarly (you know, Sam’s dad) and promises to make him Warden of the South for his loyalty.

Qyburn (Cersei’s new maester and creator of The Mountain 2.0), brings Cersei down to the dungeon beneath the Red Keep to show her skulls of the mad king’s dragons. He tells her that he heard of the fighting pits in Mereen and how one of Daenerys’s dragons was wounded… and if they can be wounded, they can be killed. He then unveils a new weapon that resembles an enormous crossbow that when fired can penetrate dragon scale and bone.

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The episode ends with an unexpected and exciting battle in The Narrow Sea as Yara Greyjoy’s fleet sails toward King’s Landing along with Theon, Ellaria, and the Sand Snakes. They are attacked by Euron Greyjoy and the Iron Fleet. In the first bit of action we get in this series, two out of the three Sand Snakes are killed, Yara and Ellaria (apparently the “gift” that Euron promised Cersei) are taken hostage, and Theon literally jumps overboard into the sea in order to not have to fight.

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This episode built off of what the last episode brought us last week. All of the characters that are true players in the game (sorry Mr. Hound) continued to appear throughout this episode. It finally feels as if the individual story lines that we have been watching for years now have the potential to finally come together. This is A Song of Ice and Fire, after all, and it feels like the Ice (Jon) and the Fire (Daenerys) are finally coming together. With the character heavy episode last week, it was nice to finally get a bit of action at the end of this episode, leaving us on a classic cliffhanger.

+Epic battle sequence made it feel like Game of Thrones again.

+Daenerys and Jon’s story lines coming together.

+Arya FINALLY going home.

+Grey Worm and Missandei admitting their feelings for each other (who else squeed?).

-The disgusting transition between treating the Greyscale and someone eating.

-Some parts a bit slower… still building up to (hopefully) the climactic battle.

What did you think of last night’s episode? How would you rate it? Let’s get chatting in the comments below and keep an eye out on Soundcloud and iTunes for our Geek of Thrones podcast later this week!

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