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Like wrestling fans needed any more reason to love Kevin Owens…

I first found out about Kevin Owens (Kevin Steen) during his ROH days. There was some twitter beef with John Cena, and then next thing you know he’s wearing shirts mocking Cena. Really that’s all I knew, however. I knew he was good. I knew he was controversial. And I knew he was one hell of an entertainer. This DVD documenting his journey in wrestling and life confirmed that once again for me.

Kevin Owens “The New Face of America” Authentic Tee-shirt.

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Kevin Owens is a man who bet on himself, and I think ultimately that’s what has drawn me to him since his debut in NXT. The idea that he wasn’t Vince McMahon’s body-type always seemed to loom over him. I want to say it still does, but this DVD proves otherwise. Hearing his interactions with Triple H and Vince McMahon himself proves to me he’s gotten where he is based on his abilities, not his looks. When you hear his first promo in NXT, it gives you chills. Plus, what hasn’t Kevin Owens done in WWE? He was the NXT Champion 2 months after debuting. He brought that title to the main roster. He beat John Cena in his first WWE match. He won the Intercontinental and United States championships. He’s performed at Wrestlemania twice. And he’s won the Universal Championship.

“The Kevin Owens Show” Authentic Tee-shirt

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What I always love about a wrestling DVD is the sheer amount of content you get on those discs. You get the documentary detailing Owens’ childhood, journey into wrestling, ROH and PWG, and then eventually NXT and WWE. Add on commentary from his best friends, many of whom never thought they’d see him in WWE, and you get rich background. Plus you get all of the biggest WWE matches in the Owens’ story thus far. You get a lot for what you’re paying, and I love the 3-disc set, to say the least. Definitely, one of those you watch, and then go back and play through when you need some inspiration.




It’s a wrestling DVD documenting a wrestler I’ve enjoyed since day one. It’s hard for me to rate it low. The backstory portion is wonderful, but adding the side stories and top matches in one collection is very nice.

+Great story-telling

+Great selection of content

+Overall, really well done

-The documentary was rather short

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