Psych: The Movie! IT’S HAPPENING.

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You’re not dreaming! Shawn and Gus are back to take us on a whirlwind of old friends and new cases, just in time for the holidays.

This December, the long-awaited return of Psych will finally be here in the form of a 2 hour Christmas special. Ending in 2014, this show had 8 pineapple-scented seasons that left fans itching for more. The hilarious duo of super-sleuth Shawn Spencer (James Roday) and his best friend Burton “Gus” Guster (Dulé Hill) solved tons of cases and created an immeasurable amount of laughs with their silly antics throughout the series.

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This special, entitled Psych: The Movie!, will take place 3 years after the series finale in 2014. So far, it looks very promising, teasing tidbits of the same hilarity we saw in the series. It will be star-studded, with guest appearances by old friends such as Ralph Macchio and Cary Elwes, as well as a new guest who should have appeared on the show years ago, Zachary Levi.

According to USA Network, the famous crime-fighting and catch phrase-weilding duo will be joined by other series regulars (Maggie Lawson, Timothy Omundson, Kirsten Nelson, Corbin Bernson) to fight a dastardly villain (Levi) who is after one of their own. Co-written by Steve Franks and James Roday, this movie is sure to have just as much humor and nickname-giving as the Psych series, itself.

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The cast of Psych will be reuniting at San Diego Comic Con this July 21st to discuss the upcoming movie. They will be teasing special, showing a sneak peak of it to viewers at the convention center. Oh, to be in their shoes. The only thing about this movie I’m not looking forward to is having to wait for iiiiiiit.


What do you think of this announcement? Are you excited for more Psych? Let us know in the comments below.

Jamie LeRoy is the Head Graphic Designer and Photographer at The Geekiverse. She has never missed a hidden pineapple in an episode of Psych, nor an actual pineapple in real life.

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  1. YES, I AM PSYCHED! Having seen every episode multiple times (except seeing the final one only once–too painful). Can’t wait till December. That show was brilliant and everything TV comedies should be. It combined murder mysteries with a great friendship and romance and most of all oblique cultural references that I’m still trying to figure out. Steve Franks is amazing. Hopefully more TV shows just like this will be forthcoming in what I hope is a long and prolific career. Psych was a great stress reliever.

    • Hi Karen, I completely agree! Psych is a one of a kind show and I’m extremely excited to see the cast and crew back in action as well. These guys are just too funny, and I always felt like I was in on the joke when I understood an obscure reference from Shawn. Thank you so much for your comment!

  2. I really loved the show and have watched it several times. However, I do not know what you are talking about with the hidden pineapples! I guess I will just have to watch it again. I was absolutely thrilled when I found out they were making a movie!

    • There is a hidden pineapple in almost every episode of Psych! They made a game out of it during the airing of the final season, having viewers text when they spotted it. So much fun. Thank you for commenting!

  3. Tfw there’s a fist bump, ‘i’ve heard it both ways’, ‘you know that’s right’, a pinapple or one of the other running gags and you’re in on the in joke ❤

    JUST READING THAT THE PSYCH MOVIE IS FINALLY GONNA HAPPEN ! If anyone reads my comment ALOT OF y’all MAY Or “”PROBABLY will BE THINKING “wow that must be a pitifully sad girl with no life if this is the happiest news she’s heard” maybe your right , but really your Not ! Part 1 of my story,
    Life was good for me I had a healthy husband, 3 healthy beautiful sons , a mom & dad who were healthy and very involved in our lives , I’m an only child and I shared a special bond with my parents , mom and I were closer than any mom / daughter or sisters that I had ever known ! LIFE WAS GOOD WE WERE HAPPY ! Okay Let’s get back to my PSYCH MOVIE EXCITEMENT ! FROM 7-7-2006 till
    3-26-2014 Myself ,my husband & our 3 sons watched every single episode , ALL 121 of them !!!Then all reruns .
    WE LAUGHED SO HARD that at times we cried !EVERY TIME IT WAS ON WE WERE IN FRONT OF THE TV , WE ALL AGREED IT WAS BY FAR THE BEST TV SHOW EVER MADE .. THE WRITING WAS ABSOLUTE PERFECTION, THE ACTING AMAZING , THE FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN SHAWN & GUS WAS PERDECTLY ACTED OUT ,The 2 of them together were unlike any acting I’ve ever seen never a Dull moment their acting made me feel as if they were truly best friends on & off the show , their antics remind me of my sons daily lives , the silliness on the show never ends they same way my boys silliness never ends here at home either !! Shawn’s acting abilities are absolutely amazing .The real man James Roday is TOTALLY BRILLIANT !!
    Gus / Dulé Hill is awesome !
    Chief Nelson both beautiful & talented Jules is great ,Henry is a classic & awesome, Woody in a class of his own love him ! Nestor’s short stint on the show was great he’s both lovely to look at & a great actor , Jules dad Frank a legend & lets don’t forget the nerdie Lassie he played his part of the BUMBLING IDIOT DETECTIVE TO TEE he comes very close to the 1 and only Barney Fife ! None of this show would have been possible without the brilliant writing of James Roday !!
    “”I Know You Know””& have since the first time I heard it ! Great Song Great Band !
    We were hooked from the very first episode ! 2nd. Part of my life story Shawn Spenser & Gus the Guster have become my ONLY FORM OF TV ENTERTAINMENT THEY BRING HAPPINESS ,lAUGHTER & SIMPLE JOY to my life daily !!!!!!
    IN MAY OF 2016 MY LIFE changed forever my husband lost his job , my precious mom was placed on hospice status . I moved her & my dad in with us for the next 8 months while I cared for & watched the woman I loved more than my own life slowly die from a rare form of cancer , almost unheard of in America “gallbladder cancer”” no cure she did do chemo with hopes it would help it didn’t it only caused more Pain .. like I said I moved her & dad in with me so I could take the best possible care of my mom because she deserved the very very BEST & that’s exactly what she received until her death on Nov.17-2016 ! Due to my husband’s job loss we soon became broke & I mean BROKE ,we lost everything including our cable tv , along with almost evey material item I personally had as I was forced to sell all my jewelry & anything I could just to buy food for my family & keep our water & electric on we found an old fashion antenna so we hooked it up and WE WERE SO EXCITED WE GOT 1 ( ONE ) CHANNEL & IT WAS CALLES ION !!!
    PSYCH CAME ON EVERY NIGHT FROM 1:00 AM TILL 3:00 AM , AND STILL DOES , MY husband still can’t work doctors won’t release him , we have Zero income except what our middle son who’s 25 gives us to help and the little help my dad can give , ( my husband’s injuries are neck & brain ) it’s not too bad but he was hit by Dodge Ram truck 4-11-17 while on his way to the first day of what was to be his new job clearly he never made it that day !! HOWS THAT FOR LUCK :/ the air bags hit him in the head so hard it causes a severe concussion now he has headaches daily and his balance is off !
    PSYCH STILL TO THIS DAY ALLOWS ME TO ESCAPE MY SAD DEPRESSED mood and for 2 hours I get to laugh and feel like I’m with friends ! THANK YOU JAMES FOR SHARING YOUR AMAZING talent with me and the world , THANK YOU for keeping your word and coming out with the movie , LASTLY THANK YOU SHAWN , GUS & THE ENTIRE CAST OF PSYCH FOR BRINGING A LITTLE LIGHT IN THE DARK PLACE I’M IN RIGHT NOW ! I KNOW THINGS will get better or at least I hope they do , I’m SO GRATEFUL FOR THE HOURS OF LAUGHTER Y’ALL HAVE BROUGHT TO MY LIFE over the years AND STILL ARE !! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE movie !! I’m gonna end now ,
    “””Be Kind & Share Some Love”””
    Love~~~~~Ginger From Georgia 🙂

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