BOOKS: 9 New Sci-fi and Fantasy Releases for July That Sound Awesome

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Summer is in full swing, and the great books just keep pouring in . This month, there’s a graphic novel by one of modern fiction’s greatest authors, a fantasy buddy cop story, and an accidental teleporter accident that creates a double of a guy. Let’s see what else. Here are the 9 best bets for me.

Angel Catbird Volume 3: The Catbird Roars (Graphic Novel) by Margaret Atwood, Illustrated by Johnnie Christmas and Tamra Bonvillain (July 4)
If you want to look at an amazing life, have a quick look at Margaret Atwood’s Wikipedia page. If you want to see an incredible body of work, have a look at her Amazon author’s page. Angel Catbird Volume 3 brings to a close the Angel Catbird trilogy of graphic novels. Yes, Margaret Atwood authored graphic novels too. The Rat Army is closing in on dominating the world and the small group of half-cats is all that can stop them. Described as both hilarious and heartwarming.

Order Angel Catbird Volume 3 from Amazon

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At The Table of Wolves (A Dark Talents Novel) by Kay Kenyon
Described as Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy meets X-Men , this espionage novel takes place in 1936 when a superpowered young woman must go undercover and infiltrate Nazi sympathizer groups to prevent the invasion of England. While the Brits have been researching super powers with an intent to weaponize these people, the Nazis are ahead of the game and it is up to Kim Tavistock, with zero connections or training, to stop it. According to Kenyon’s author page, this is the beginning of a new series. Great premise to build on.

Order At The Table of Wolves Now

This is my best bet for the month, and I don’t even love period pieces. This however, sounds exciting.

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Bannerless by Carrie Vaughn (July 11)
Set in a future America after economic and environmental collapse, society is making a comeback, particularly along The Coast Road. One catch? The upstart society is population controlled and you have to earn the right to have kids. When you do, it is advertised with a banner that flies in front of your house. The lead character, Enid of Haven, is a young investigator who is called in to look at the mysterious death of an outcast, and as things progress, things are uncovered that shake the premises that Enid and others have been taught their whole lives.

Order Bannerless on Amazon now.

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Telling the Map: Stories by Christopher Rowe (July 11)
If you follow this list, you know I like to include one book of short fiction each month. This collection of short works are all by speculative fiction author Christopher Rowe and includes a new novella called The Border State, which serves as prequel to his previous story, The Voluntary State, which was nominated for both Hugo and Nebula Awards.

Order Telling the Map now

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The Delirium Brief: A Laundry Files Novel by Charles Stross (July 11)
The Laundry is a top secret British agency that basically protects mankind from the worst possible horrors that appear from beyond spacetime (Is that one word or two?). Bob Howard has given his career to that, offering up anything that needs to be done. Now, The Laundry’s existence has become public and Howard has to add PR to his list, as he is forced to go on television to answer questions about pending cases. Even scarier than the incidents they prevent, The Laundry has now ended up in the sights of bureaucrats looking to privatize certain government services. A comedic dark fantasy in a Hugo Award winning series.

Order your copy of The Delirium Brief Now

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The Fifth Ward: First Watch by Dale Lucas (July 11)
This one looks like a buddy cop story that lands somewhere between 48 Hrs. and Lord of the RingsA city leader has gone missing and these two reluctant partners (Rem only joined the Watch to pay off his own bail) Torval the Dwarf and Rem, who is nursing a hangover, need to round up the usual suspects – orcs who deal drugs, mages who will not cooperate, and elves that can control minds – in order to solve the mystery and catch a murderer on the loose in Yenara City.

The Fifth Ward: First Watch is available for pre-order on Amazon now

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Afterlife by Marcus Sakey (July 18)
FBI Agent Will Brody is involved in an explosion. He wakes up without a scratch in a new place – a violent world called The Echo where people who die violently go. Dystopia (you know how I love that) and romance as Brody is in love with co-Agent Claire McCoy. The fact that Brody is dead, doesn’t seem to matter to them. In other news, Afterlife has been optioned by Imagine Entertainment.

Pre-order Afterlife until July 18.

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Talon of God by Wesley Snipes and Ray Norman (July 25)
Actor Wesley Snipes makes his fiction debut with Talon of God, which is the story of Lauryn Jefferson, a young doctor from Chicago who gets drawn into an epic battle that involves the army of Satan, and their human agents as they try to enslave mankind. Jefferson has to work with spiritual warrior, Talon Hunter to stop this from happening. This novel looks enormous in scope. Lofty ideas playing out in an action packed story. Written with the big screen and a lead actor in mind? Maybe.

Order Talon of God today

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The Punch Escrow by Tal M. Klein (July 25)
It’s the 22nd century and the world is controlled by corporations. When a teleporter accident causes plain vanilla Joel Byram to be duplicated, he now has to run from the dark organization that controls teleportation. He just wants to save his marriage and now he has double the trouble. This book has already been optioned for film by Lionsgate, and former Warner Brothers President Greg Silverman has called this book/film the next Ready, Player One.

Order your copy of The Punch Escrow today

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Lots of great choices this month. If nothing here caught your eye you can look at the full list of new releases for the month on Amazon. This list is great and updates hourly.

What are you reading now? Which of these sparked your interest? Share your recommendations with our readers. Leave comments below.

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  1. If you’re going to crib from io9 for your list, at least check for typos. They initially listed (and have since corrected) the spelling of Tal M. Kl e in’s name. You still have Kl i en.

    And maybe you could try coming up with at least ONE book on your own?

    • Dianne, I am a big fan of io9, and read it often. I do, in fact, read their list of books. I also read several other lists – The Verge, Barnes and Noble, as well as the Amazon list of new releases before choosing my list of books. I choose the books that are interesting to me, and that I would like to read. One of the things about io9, is that the list that is compiled is very complete. 30-40 books per month. That is the majority of books released, and because it is so complete, the majority of books on that list show up on others, as well. I can assure you that the misspelling was my own (“i” before “e” and all that.), and not a result of “cribbing” any list. Thank you for pointing out the misspelling. I will correct it, and I am sorry that you did not find any value in my list. I do work hard to try and make it interesting.

      • Dianne, while I wholeheartedly appreciate your vigilant defense of my name, I’m very grateful to Pete for putting my book on his list. What’s amusing about the misspelling here and on io9 is that in my daily life people usually mispronounce my first name (“Tall”/”Tail”/”Towel”) – so online I don’t really take offense at people misspelling my last name. I think my name is marked for butchery, and anyway, I’m just happy people like my book.

  2. The is an excerpt of the first chapter from At the Table of Wolves on Amazon. After reading it, I bought it. I’m very excited to see what happens.

    The Punch Escrow sounds really interesting so I’ll get that one, too. I won’t lie. Seeing how tactfully the first comment was handled by both the writer of the article and the author of the book did sway me in my decision of which book to buy next. Seeing people be polite in an impolite online society always gives me the warm fuzzies. Plus, no one ever gets my name right. I’d spend half my life fussing if I got upset every time it’s said or spelled wrong. People mean well. They’re not intentionally butchering a name with the desire to hurt someone over it. I’d rather people remember who I am with fond memories and get my name wrong than get it right because I left a sour taste in their mouth.
    Thank you for the list and for making my day brighter!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Sharnise. I’m really excited to read both “The Punch Escrow” and “At the Table of Wolves”. I have admit, the only bad part about being the book critic for The Geekiverse is that it costs me a lot of money because I want to read so many of these great books. We’re going to have some contests to start giving away some of those books after I read them, so stay tuned.

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