Welcome to Spider-Man Week!

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“Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can”. Welcome to Spider-Man Week here at the Geekiverse, were this arachnophobe will be giving you more Spidey than you can shake a web at.
Spider-Man:Homecoming officially opens on Friday, July 7. One week from the time this article will be posted. Over the next 7 days we’ll have daily Spider-Man articles and Twitter polls on the official Geekiverse Twitter account. We’ll have a handful of articles ranking Spider-Man’s biggest WTF moments, how the existing films rank, and the best comic storylines over the decades. When the first trailer dropped back in December, I got a little excited., and drew this.

When the critics were allowed to social media about their thoughts on the film, I got even more excited. It looks like the film will enjoy some success. Overwhelmingly, the critics seem to like it. I, personally have just watched the 5 most recent live-action films, and am ready to talk about them, so stay tuned to the conversation.

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Spider-Man has always been my favorite character growing up. I think I’ve mentioned that I was a child in the 1970’s and I didn’t have social media or 700 cable channels to watch on TV. So, I read comics. (I wish I had saved them). First of all, Spider-Man was a kid, and so was I. He wasn’t a billionaire who built his suit. He was just like me. Well, except for the super power thing. Spider-Man was(is) also a smart-ass, just like me. When faced with a foe, Peter immediately got under his or her skin, forcing mistakes. A sound strategy, and great reading. And in the beginning, he was awkward and goofy…just like me. He’s always been more of a regular guy’s super hero, and that’s great for me.

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So, Josiah has said “Yeah, whatever, geez just do it and leave me alone,” so you all get a week of Spider-Man. I hope you check back daily and take the daily Twitter polls. I hope you participate, and share your thoughts. It’ll all culminate with my review of the movie (please let it be good, please let it be good, please let it be good) next Friday. So, follow me on Twitter, follow The Geekiverse on Twitter and use the hashtag #spideyweek , and for me at the premiere. I’ll be easy to spot.

What are you most excited for? What boxes need to be checked for it to be successful? Leave me a comment below.

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