Trailer for ABC’s Inhumans Now Available

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The Inhumans are a property that bounced around a bit, with plans changing from a full MCU movie to a series on ABC. The first trailer just dropped and here it is.

I’m not gonna lie, this project, which got off in fits and starts, really hasn’t excited me that much. The Inhumans comic is about big things. The royal family of Inhumans…with big powers…and I am not convinced a TV budget can support it. The trailer does little to assuage my concerns that the Inhumans need a feature film to realize their screen potential. Here’s the trailer. Have a look and we’ll talk on the other side.

There’s a few things to like, I suppose. The sets look good. As big as they need to be for this. I do like the costumes, except for Medusa’s wig, which doesn’t look like the animated hair that can lift thousands of pounds that is Medusa’s super power. There wasn’t even a twitch when she was held captive. Overall, I actually do like the costumes, but I generally do like a more human approach to costuming. The costume designer did a nice job of blending Black Bolt’s motif into the less comic booky attire.

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The trailer follows what is clearly a coup by Black Bolt’s brother, Maximus the Mad, played by Iwan Rhoen. Since it is all that they really focused on, a series long family squabble isn’t all that enticing to me. It does appear to be the catalyst for what takes The Inhumans to Earth. Since the trailer focuses only on the coup, with Max’s voice justifying it playing throughout, we only get to see a few of the characters including Black Bolt, played by Anson Mount, Max, and Medusa, and very little of Crystal, Auran, Triton, Gorgon, and Karnak, the remaining members of the royal  family. Despite my problems with her costume, I am a bit excited to see Serinda Swan take on the role of Medusa. I enjoyed her in the USA Original Graceland, even when that series went off the rails in its third and final season. It was certainly cool to see Lockjaw show up near the end of the trailer to rescue Black Bolt, but the teleportation effect looked a bit cheesy.

Photo: Marvel

The concept of Inhumans was brought to ABC with the introduction of the Terrigen Mists in Season 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with the story arc that changes Chloe Bennet’s character from Skye to Daisy Johnson or Quake. We’ve seen countless Inhumans in the 2 seasons since then, including season regulars Lincoln Campbell, played by Luke Mitchell, and Yo-Yo, played by Natalia Cordova-Buckley. The fact that these human level Inhumans have existed on TV for 3 years might water down the interest level for the Inhuman Royal Family coming to Earth.

Overall, the trailer’s focus on the family unrest did little to make me more jazzed for the premiere. There certainly are some great stories that could be told about the Inhumans, but one big 2 hour version might have been a better way to bring the Inhumans into the MCU. The first episode will be released in IMAX on September 1, and the show will premiere on ABC on September 29.

What do you think? Are you ready for the Inhumans? Are you excited? Leave Grumpy a comment below.


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