Rick and Morty News!!

Rick and Morty are coming. Season 3 release date is announced.

This week has been an exciting week for Rick and Morty Fans, not only did we find out a release date for Season 3 (July 26th, it seems everything good is coming out in July), Watch Season 3 Promo Here! Also, taking place on June 29th Adult will be having an all day Rick and Morty marathon with a live Rick and Morty event airing on Adult Swim. (So set your DVR’s and reminders)

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Also, If you heard about a game on Steam called Move or Die (which is a 4-player local and online party game) they are also releasing for FREE, that’s right a free, Rick and Morty character pack and if you’re interested in purchasing said game, no worries, it’s actually on sale!

Stuff for Rick and Morty Fans. A lot of Stuff.

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The time to rejoice is now, fellow Rick and Morty fans, Season 3 is almost upon us!!

Catch Up…Rick and Morty Season 1 is Here.

Sammy Buds is one of our veteran writer here at the Geekiverse and she is pretty much Rick and Morty obsessed.

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