Fortnite Preview: Explore, Scavenge, Build, Fight, Rinse & Repeat.


What do you get when you combine one part Left 4 Dead, one part Minecraft and the tasty glaze of the Unreal engine? The answer: Epic’s newest over-the-top, co-op action game, Fortnite! Travel to a world where you have to rely on more than just your combat skills to defeat an army of hideous enemies. During the daytime, be ready to scour Fortnite’s procedurally generated world for crucial building materials, items and objectives. Your creativity and strategic planning will be put to the test, as you and your team are tasked with building a massive fort, that will hopefully repel your foes and see you safely through the dark and dangerous night.

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In Diversity, There is Beauty and Strength

Teamwork is imperative for survival. Players will be able to choose from a variety of class archetypes that play to specific strengths, while covering their allies weaknesses. Each class excels in their specific role, whether it’s the architectural prowess of the Constructor, the Ninja that specializes in mobility, fighting and scavenging, the jack of all trades: the Commando, or the support and scavenging acumen of the Outlander. While these class types aren’t anything most of us haven’t already seen, they should provide opportunities for some creative problem solving and tactics, while keeping the game fresh in the medium to long term.

Scavenger’s Paradise

Fans of sandbox-building games like Minecraft and Terraria will be familiar with Fortnite’s system of scavenging supplies and items. Most of the world is fair game for harvesting important building materials like wood, metal, screws and bricks. Thorough searches can yield big rewards, if you stumble upon items like chests, that can hold valuable items or odd surprises.

You Must Place That in a Power Field

Once your surroundings are depleted and your pockets are full, it’s time to head back to your objective and build your fort. From the gameplay footage that Epic has released so far, the building system looks easy to learn and execute. Fortnite boasts a wide selection of walls, floors, traps and more, that can be upgraded over time. The building and combat phases look like the spiritual successor to Robot Entertainment’s classic action/builder Orcs Must Die 2.

Fortnite - Fort transitions

Darkest Just Before the Dawn

Your fort is built, your allies are ready, the shadows begin to lengthen and darkness falls; it’s time to defend your fort! Night time brings the fury of “storms”. Storms unleash wave after wave of undead and monstrous enemies that seek to destroy your fort, you, and your objective. Each class brings it’s own flavor of pwnage to the fray and as the game gets more difficult, teamwork becomes essential. Be sure to keep your walls manned and repaired, as the deluge of motley enemies bang at your door.

Fortnite Enemies

Better with Friends

If you can’t wait to jump into the fray, pre-order is now available, which features a four day early access “head start” on July 21st. There are multiple editions available, ranging from the moderately priced “Standard Edition” at $39.99, all the way up to the “Super Deluxe Edition” at $89.99, that features exclusive weapons, heroes and even a special chat channel. If you can convince two friends to join you in battle, the “Limited Edition” boasts all of the special addons of the super deluxe pack, with the added bonus of two digital standard editions, totaling $149.99.

Fortnite is coming to PlayStation 4 (Pro), Xbox One, PC and Mac, and will be available for everyone on July 25th. So, get your friends, grab your gear, build your towering masterpiece and lay waste to your enemies!

To learn more, check out Fortnite’s Official Website.

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