The Ranch Season 1, Part 3 Review

“I think you’re addicted to being alone and miserable.” “That’s not true… the only time I’m not miserable is when I’m alone.”


Straight up, I have fallen in love with this show. The characters are easy to like, the dialogue is simple and funny, and there is somehow real, raw emotion out in the open the whole time. It’s really masterfully done considering it reminds me of a 90’s or 00’s sitcom more than a super involved streamable show we’ve come to expect. This is not House of Cards. This is not The Path. It’s not dark and twisted. It’s real life at a Colorado ranch.

We left Part 2 with Colt Bennett learning he’s pregnant! Well, his ex-hook-up is. However, Colt had already gotten back together with Abby. This creates a weird triangle of love and commitment that Colt finds himself pulled at both ends. This is definitely not a an equilateral triangle either. It creates an interesting dilemma as Colt tries to prove he loves Abby fully, yet is committed to Heather and soon-to-be baby and providing for it. The show also delved into some deep topics, and did so without making it too obviously political. The tones are there, but easy to be ignored.

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Rooster has a lot on his plate this season, as well. He left the family ranch, and quickly learned that the grass may not be greener on the other side. With that, he’s still dating Heather’s mom. As Rooster realizes he may not be the management type, he has to deal with being fired, homelessness, a father who still hates him, and a mother who has no clue what she’s doing. Meanwhile, he’s still with Mary, whose daughter is pregnant with Colt’s kid. That’s right. Keep up here.

Geek Pull #3: The Ranch Season 1, Part 2

Beau and Maggie are divorced, and still coming to terms with that. They’re definitely separated, but they still clearly have feelings for one another. As that happens, Beau is meeting with, Sharon, the woman everyone thought he was cheating on Maggie with, and then gets cozy with Joanne. It’s a weird season for Beau’s love life, to say the least. Meanwhile, Maggie hooks up with a ramblin’ singer who goes from town to town, played by Lou Diamond Phillips of all people. Maggie thinks it’s time to sell the bar, and wants Rooster to take it over. That leaves a lot left to be desired in Season 2, or Part 4, or whatever happens next as far as chaptering.

SCORE 7.5/10

I thought the season was good. There’s a lot to like as far as comedy, emotion, and character development. However, as stated earlier, it’s not a deep show, by any means. It’s fun, and I enjoy watching, but I also found myself stringing tennis rackets with this in the background. Definitely worth the watch, but don’t expect House of Cards level depth here.

+ Laugh out loud moments at nearly every turn

+ Emotionally charged storylines

– Pretty standard as far as showcasing (4-5 settings through the season)

– Lack of depth compared to other top Netflix shows

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