The Path, Season 2 Review

Just when you think the whole idea is to get out of the movement, The Path show flips the script.

In Season 1, we follow Eddie Lane and his journey towards escaping the Meyerist movement. By far, one of my favorite introduction seasons into a show. As I said in my Season 1 Review, the whole point of a show is to make you feel something. Season 2 picks up right where it began.


You’ll remember, Eddie thinks the whole idea of “The Light” is complete and utter bologna. Well, that was Season 1. Now, Eddie may in fact be the centerpiece behind all of it. Eddie appears to be the Guardian of The Light. How does the anti-movement denier become the unofficial chosen leader? Well my friends, that’s called a conflict and now we have ourselves an interesting story don’t we?

The amount of conflict in this season is absolutely tantalizing. Eddie himself takes on nearly everyone, aside from the few people that believe he’s the actual Guardian chose by Steve himself. He’s still dealing with what is best described as an estranged family. Cal is now anointed himself and Sarah as the leaders of the Movement, and he’s still got kids, one who wants to see him, and the other who thinks he’s the pits of the world (who my friends and I call young Heath Ledger. Seriously, when Hawk has long hair, it’s uncanny). Sarah and Cal have to get money to keep the Movement active, try and get non-believers to understand their mission, and still keep up the day-to-day operations. And then Cal himself, who battles nearly everyone in one way or another. Season 2 is a constant struggle.

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And there’s a constant blend of past and future with this season. As the followers learn of Steve’s death, Eddie has flashbacks showing how he really died. Cal and Steve’s true relationship is revealed, which is disturbing, to say the least. Sarah learns the truth about Silas and how he died. There’s a lot of looking back to move the story forward, which I generally dislike in shows, but the producers and writers made this blend really well. As that happens, everyone seems to think they’re being guided by The Light. Eddie’s legitimately struck by lightning, has a tattoo all across his back, and has visions. Hawk appears to levitate. Cal thinks he’s the natural leader of The Light. And Sarah is blackmailing people to get money now that they’re in dire need. I don’t know if this is symbolic commentary of religion as it’s portrayed in today’s society, but I could see that comparison.

One of my favorite side stories is the conflict within Detective Gaines. On one end, it appears he truly believes in The Light. On the other hand, he clearly wants to do his duty as an FBI Agent and expose the Meyerists as a cult that is stealing money. On one hand, he’s got a wife and sick baby at home. On the other hand, he’s got another love interest in the Meyerist Movement that clearly wants to be with him, despite having a family of her own within the Movement. By the end, we get a real sense of where Detective Gaines loyalty lies with one final gesture.

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While this season is widely entertaining and truly thought provoking, my friends and I came to a truly uninspiring realization: the season could be summed up in 2-3 episodes instead of 12. Season 2 ended how Season 2 started. Cal still thinks he’s the leader of the Movement and the true Guardian of The Light. It’s hard to tell if Eddie believes, but he believes The Light flows through him. Sarah is conflicted, and I’m still unsure where she stands by the end of the season. The good in all of this? There are a lot of questions to answer in Season 3.

  • Does Eddie’s denier group join back into the Movement?
  • Does Sarah stand with Eddie or Cal?
  • How does Mary tie into all this now that we’ve confirmed who is the father of her child?
  • Do Eddie and Cal have a Harry Potter/Voldemort final battle like I envision?
  • Who does Hawk make out with in the next season? (it’s bound to happen)

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All in all, I was entertained by this season. My friends and I had to stop for a bit as they traveled to Europe (without me, mind you) but we were able to pick it back up and enjoy the final few episodes. Was it long? Yes. Did it drag at points? Sure. But overall, I’m fully enjoying The Path and the thought provoking message it’s continued to send to me.

+ Love the character development

+ Deep storylines that drive the story

– Lot of dead time in episodes that lengthen the season

– Cal still angers me (which should be plus because it’s a good character, but nah)

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