Pokemon RPG In Development For Nintendo Switch

Switch owners are going to get the chance to catch ’em all.

Amid numerous trailers and world reveals during the Nintendo Spotlight presentation earlier today was perhaps the biggest news of at, and it came as a very simple message from Tsunekazu Ishihara, President and CEO of the Pokemon company–that a brand new, traditional Pokemon RPG is currently being developed for the Nintendo Switch.

No other details were offered, aside from the confirmation that Game Freak, the longtime developers of the mainline Pokemon titles, was the studio behind this upcoming entry. Still, the possibilities for such a title are grand, as Pokemon has rarely tread beyond Nintendo’s handhelds, and the flagship titles have never been built with hardware as strong as the Switch.

Ishihara did say that it may not release for “more than a year”, so hopefully we will get a look at next year’s E3, and then enjoy a Holiday 2018 launch!

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