Marvel’s InHumans 1st Trailer Leaks

Anticipation for Marvel TV’s hybrid IMAX project InHumans has ebbed and flowed in recent weeks, with many voicing their displeasure at what the fandom deems to be aesthetically displeasing costume choices for the Royal Family.  The new teaser trailer has leaked to the web, and it might just change your opinion on what’s to come.

The trailer runs along to the same voice over we hear throughout the teaser trailer that was released a month ago.  Maximus (the Mad) is organizing a coup against his King (and brother) Black Bolt, and fellow InHuman Crystal pleads with him to rethink this treasonous act.  We now have some stunning visuals to add to this intriguing tease.

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We are given glimpses of Attilan, the InHuman city that resides on the blue side of the moon, and some long looks at the main cast of characters, including King Black Bolt, Queen Medusa, Maximus the Mad, Karnak, Crystal, Gorgon and our first official (sort of?) look at the 1,600 lb teleporting dog (I can’t believe this sentence, even as I’m typing it) Lockjaw.  Also briefly shown, helping Crystal to escape some ensuing chaos, was what is looked to be Karnak’s brother Triton.

                                                                       Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Inhumans: The Origins of The Humans

The action shoots back and forth from what appears to be Attilan to what is assumed to be our Earth, as the trailer also shows Black Bolt and Lockjaw teleport into traffic on a busy highway.  At one point, we see the InHuman king look as if he is about to yell, a feat that can cause inconceivable damage, as even a whisper from Black Bolt has been known to level entire cities in the comics.  The trailer cuts to another scene before the payoff, so here’s hoping the effects added in the months to come (along with IMAX cameras) make the King’s InHuman powers a devastating sight, especially when viewed on the big screen.

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