House of Cards Season 5 Review

What. Just. Happened?! The slow builds of past seasons are not here in a packed 5th Season.


This season is broken into a few parts. First, we start with the fact that there’s still an election ahead. President Frank Underwood is now on the ticket with wife Claire Underwood. Will Conway is seeking the Oval Office and is proving to be quite the adversary. Right from the get go, we go into controversy over the death of Jim Miller, which we saw in Season 4. And the politicking begins. Who does the administration blame? How does each side show sorrow? Who can take credit for bringing the suspect to justice?

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Meanwhile, we begin digging into the stories from season’s past, and looking into how this could impact the current election. You’ll remember poll hacking… That comes up in this season again (which ironically is incredibly topical with what’s allegedly happening now in the current administration). Then someone who might have information that could hinder the current administration is taken by the Russians (which is topical considering what’s going on right now). People who legitimately have trump cards in their hand against the Underwoods testify before committee, leading to Frank himself to testify (do we see a theme here?). This season simultaneously brought up old storylines to either close them out or further them, and then continued creating new storylines and drama with each episode.

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The thing I absolutely love about this season is the characters. In seasons past, I will admit, the episodes would drone on. There was almost too much dialogue without true meaning (there ya go Grumpy Geek. I said the show had some faults. Happy now?). I thought the pacing in this season was superb with proper twist and turns with every character. We learn more about Frank and his true desires. We learn more about Claire and what drives her in politics, love, and how truly ruthless she can be. We find out just how far Doug Stamper will go in his loyalty to the Underwoods. Why Thomas feels the way he does about Claire. Will Conway and how volatile he truly is. Tom Hammerschmidt and how much work he will put in to get answers that are hidden to the public. The character development in this season is absolutely superb.



What I’ve loved and hated about this show within itself is the ability to leave you hanging. I get it, it’s what you’re supposed to do. Keep em coming back for more. And I love the fact that I want more episodes every time, but come on! This last cliff hanger is absolutely thrilling. And I’ll say this, Claire gave me chills two times this season. I’ll let you guess which two times after you’re done watching, because you must watch this season if you’re a fan of this show. It definitely picks up compared to Season 4.

+ Amazing character development

+Intense holy **** moments that still leave me stunned

+ Simultaneous finishing and starting of storylines

– Some sides stories confused me from the overall message

– Lots of loose ends at the end of the season


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