Master of None Season 2 Review

Aziz Ansari once again proves he’s much more than just a comedian. He’s also a guy living in New York and finding his way through life.

I watched Season 1 of Master of None, and I was not widely impressed. Honestly, I probably should go back and watch it again, because I imagine I watched the season much like I watch most of my Netflix shows: while playing video games, or while falling asleep. I cheated the season. Season 2, I did not. I played video games while watching, but more often than not I found myself missing passes on NHL 17 to pay attention to the show.

Aziz Ansari plays Dev Shah in the series, and he’s easily the most relatable character in a Netflix show that I can remember in recent memory. The dude loves to eat. He struggles with dating. He finds love. He finds love that is already with another man. He has career he’s not totally in to. He has a best friend with a family that accepts him whole-heartedly. By the end of the season, Dev is every single one of us in one way or another. And that’s where Master of None Season 2 drew me in.

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Dev takes his talents to Italy where he simply assimilates into the culture and society. How refreshing is that thought? For anyone who has dreamed of taking off for a month into a foreign country, maybe even another state, and living with the natives. And then you consider making that your permanent home? Having lived in Texas, and New York, I know the feeling. I considered making Wichita Falls my permanent home. I considered making Buffalo my permanent home. In the end, you always return home. And so does Dev.

And then we weave through story after story after story. Characters typically hidden in the background get their moment in the sun. I’m not going to lie, it threw me off. At one point, the audio drops completely as we live through a deaf woman’s perspective, who’s having intimacy problems with her husband. I thought this was simply my Netflix messing up. It was truly unique. I have to think that everyone paused the show to check their settings as this happened. Or you are a genius and I congratulate you.

The dating episode is the 2017 version of going to the drive-in movies with your date and hoping that pans out successfully. We are in the era of swiping for love instead of setting up dates face to face. Having been there and done that, it’s incredibly hit or miss, and that’s exactly what Aziz went through. The field slowly dwindles down into 1 possible connection. I personally loved the date who discussed nothing but wrestling for the entire date. Talk about a home run! Am I right?!




This season has everything, and likely sets up what should be an interesting 3rd installment. We still don’t know what happens with Francesca. And the brief interaction with Rachel has me wondering how much of a role she will play in another season. And the whole thing with Chef Jeff could ruin Dev’s career. There’s so much left unanswered, but for 10 episodes, I was left entertained, which is more than I can say for most shows these days.

+Great story that’s easy to relate to

+Humorous in a laugh out loud kind of way

+ Somehow still thought provoking and inspirational

– Very slow build from episode 1 and beyond

– Side stories came out of nowhere without real explanation (but did tie in eventually)

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