Debut Teaser Trailer for “Castlevania” Netflix Show

Netflix has released the first official trailer for their upcoming animated show based on the long-running Castlevania video game series from Konami.

Netflix made the surprising announcement earlier this year that they would be producing a new show based upon the now 30-year-old video game franchise Castlevania. Very few details have been released since then, but we now have our first trailer:

Produced by Adi Shankar, Fred Seibert and Kevin Kolde, written by Warren Ellis, and with animation developed by Seibert’s studio Frederator (mostly known for their work on Adventure Time).

Besides the trailer, take a look at the new NES box art-inspired key art that was also recently released:

Co-producer Shankar has spoken proudly about the show’s mature approach to the source material, saying that it will “R-rated as f***”.

Personally, I think a mature Castlevania animated series is an amazing concept, and if this turns out to be as good as it looks, then we could be in more an important step in translating video game stories to other media.

Two seasons of the show are currently planned. Each season will be comprised of four 30-minute episodes. Season one will premier July 7th 2017, and season two is currently planned for sometime in 2018.

Check out our scene-by-scene breakdown of the trailer, where we review game references, plot predictions and more from the teaser video!

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