Final Trailers and Crazy New Posters for “Spider-Man: Homecoming”

Sony Pictures has unveiled the final full domestic and international trailers for next month’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, as well as a couple wild new posters.

Marvel Studio’s Spider-Man: Homecoming is nearly a month away, and Sony Pictures have released a small batch of new content. First, we have the final domestic trailer:

Sony appears to have learned their lesson from their previous domestic trailer, which many said had revealed too much of the film, in particular how the ferry destruction scene gets resolved. This trailer shows a few extra bits of the suit and some comedic action beats, but mostly plays things closer to the vest than last time.

Do you have your Spiderman tees for the premiere?

We also have a brand new international trailer:

This trailer is a bit more spoilery, retaining the ferry scene conclusion, as well as showing some more of the Vulture’s master plan and how it ties in with Tony Stark and the Avengers. But we also get some fantastic bits that recap Spidey’s antics from Captain America: Civil War, but from his perspective. It’s great stuff, but you could wait until the movie releases in just over a month if you want to minimize how much you know beforehand.

Beyond the trailers, we also have a couple new, very interesting posters:

The poster on the left is a cool, action comic book-type poster featuring the movie’s major players, but the poster on the right is somewhat loony. We get a very cliched kind of big budget poster layout, with the entire cast cascading down the frame. But beyond having Michael Keaton and Robert Downey Jr. featured prominently, their masked/armored versions are also visible. So technically, there’s two Vultures and two Iron Man hanging around on this poster.

Michael Keaton – Caped Crusader, washed up superhero, now villain – a lot of great films

The silliness continues though when you notice that the backdrop not only features Manhattan (since that’s where the movie mainly takes place), but also the Washington Monument (which also serves as a setting for the film’s events). So as a result we get a sort of alternate history NYC where the Washington Monument was put off the shores of Manhattan instead of the Statue of Liberty.

While I’m enchanted at the idea of Captain America and Winter Soldier’s meddling in U.S. history causing an alternate timeline, this is of course simply a way to mash as much of the imagery from the movie together as possible. Not indicative of the film’s quality, but fascinating nonetheless. And it still charms me, in a sort of kooky, over-simulated way.

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  1. I don’t know. I’m struggling with the suit. I didn’t like the black accents in “Civil War” and I am really less enamored of the Iron Spidey, complete with Jarvis-like AI and targeting systems. I am totally hoping for this movie to be building up to Pete saying… “Ahh, I don’t need all this crap”. Here’s hoping, anyway. One of the charms of Spidey has always been that he isn’t encased in tech. I hope it isn’t a big part of the film. Why yes, I am old, and kind of a Spidey purist.

    On another note, I loved that Stark gave him his nickname “The Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman” in this trailer.

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