Letter From The Editor: The Geekiverse’s Third Anniversary Has Come & Gone

Another anniversary is upon us here at The Geekiverse and I can’t help but reflect on everything awesome that happened since our inception, but most notably the leap forward we took this past year.

“If only we could see what year three will hold.”

That’s what I wrote in my address last May. I’ve always been a highly optimistic person, but I’m not sure even I saw what was coming. Since I last wrote to you, these are just a few of our noteworthy accomplishments:

  • We played major roles in covering our first 2 Cons that took place in our own backyard: the inaugural Nickel City Con and the long running Buffalo Comic Con.
  • We became partners with premiere video game retailer Oogie Games.
  • Our website traffic has seen exponential growth year over year. In a 2016 vs 2017 comparison, we have nearly 12 times the amount of traffic that we did at this time last year. In fact, our annual goal for 2017 was met in March.
  • We launched Geek Swag, our own branded line of shirts and merchandise.
  • Our Podcast “Geeks Got Game (G3)” launched in the Fall. In addition, we have become a large part of the community in WNY through various partnerships with local artists and media entities. One such partnership is our roundtable style podcast entitled “Knerds of the Roundtable,” which fellow Buffalo-based Synthaholics & The Artful Gremlins.
  • We hosted a movie premiere for a Buffalo Indie Film entitled “STAR.”

In fact, we’ve been so busy as a group in getting ready for this weekend’s Nickel City Con that I couldn’t write this until now (I usually get to do this the week of May 7).

I couldn’t be more proud of the passionate, exciting, talented group of Geeks we have, including the few that we added to our family this year. There’s nothing in the world like being with my fellow writers, producers, designers, and simply put, some of my closest friends. The nights we get together on weekends to spend podcasting or playing Nintendo Switch are some of the times I look forward to the most. I’ve long said that this is a special group and I’ll continue saying it for years to come. It’s nice knowing that 20 people have your back at any given time. The nights staying up til 3:30 AM to finish a video, the 8 hour recording sessions, all worth it a hundred times over.

A few things in my life personally have changed this year and it’s all for the better – to allow me to focus even more time and effort on The Geekiverse and to help get us to the next level.

Summer 2017 is a packed one for us, with NCC this weekend, the Buffalo Bisons’ Star Wars & Super Hero Nights (more details to follow), and one mega, huge tidbit that I can’t wait to share (come back Monday!). It’s the kind of thing that tells me this is what I am going to do for a living one day. If you had told me that The Geekiverse would be participating in this “tidbit” within 3 years of debuting, I would have been over the moon. Dreams really do come true.

There are a number of ways you can support The Geekiverse and its crew. Tell a friend. Share a video or article on social media. Leave a comment. You can also support us through our merch store, or picking up a shirt at your local event or Comic Con.

In short, thank you to my wife Lauren, my family, my business partner Pete, our business partners at The Geekiverse & It’s A Thing Media, both our rookie staff members and our vets, and especially you, the readers and fans. Your support goes further than you know. I look forward to meeting you one day to thank you personally!

Until next year, may the Geek be with you and God bless.

Oh, and I can’t wait to see what year 4 holds.


Josiah LeRoy
Founder & Editor In Chief 


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