Fire Emblem Echoes: What You Need To Know

Fire Emblem Echoes comes out for the Nintendo 3ds and 2ds on May 19th. This Fire Emblem is a remake of Fire Emblem Gaiden for the Famicon. I’m a huge Fire Emblem Fan and I’m starting to have some mixed emotions about this game. Namely the season pass they are releasing that is more expensive then the game itself.

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Our Heroes: Alm and Celica

Echoes is a complete remaster of Gaiden from the ground up, while keeping the story the same. The story like most Fire Emblems follows two heroes named Alm and Celica trying to stop war from spreading throughout their homeland. They added a 3d free roam environment when walking through dungeons, but when you’re engaged in battle, it will switch back to aerial view. The combat style is the same grid/turn-based tactical RPG that we’ve grown to love. However, reading some of the reviews on the game it seems that they opted to make the game easier then what it was originally, and in doing some more research on the game, I also learned that a lot of the developers from Fates were also working on this project.  Reading all of this makes me so excited for the game… then I found out they were coming out with a season pass…

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The Season Pass for Echoes is $44.99… the game itself is $39.99… now just taking a look at it makes my blood boil. It almost makes me not want to pick up the game. SO, I went on Nintendo’s website to take a closer look at what the DLC actually included. Here’s what I found:

Nintendo Fire Emblem Echoes. Releases May 19. Pre-order now.

There are 5 total DLC packs that you can purchase. Fledgling Warriors, Undaunted Heroes, Lost Alters, Rise of Deliverance and Cipher Companions Pack.

There’s a lot of Fire Emblem stuff out there. Have a look.

Fledgling and Undaunted helps you by giving you in-game items, experience, and gold. Lost Alters gives you new classes for characters and Rise of Deliverance are prequel packs that contain extra story. Cipher Companions which they just announced will give you two extra characters from the trading card game. To me the extra classes and prequel story packs may be worth it, and luckily you can pay for them separately. I’ve never really jumped the gun to paying for extra DLC for games because I usually lose interest or the value isn’t worth it for me. As I began doing research I’ve also stumbled upon other articles and tidbits of information about the past Fire Emblem games and how much their respective DLC’s had cost. To buy all the DLC for Fates including Revelations it’s $45.97 and that’s before taxes, and if my math is correct for the Fire Emblem Awakening DLC it cost $50.50 for all of it. Sooo, charging $44.99 for the DLC for Echoes isn’t unheard of. It’s actually a common price range. Knowing all of that, I’ve cooled down.

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New for this Fire Emblem game they are also releasing two exclusive Amiibo figures that unlock a special dungeon allowing you to summon a temporary ally for one turn. Knowing Nintendo, there will probably be a limited amount of figures, so if this is something that interests you, you best pick it up on day of launch.

Tons and tons of Nintendo tees

I hope this info was useful to you and I don’t know about you but looking at the DLC prices definitely helped calm me down. Fire Emblem releases on May 19th for the US.

Cheers and until next time Geeks!

What do you think? The DLC price worth it? You excited for the release? Let me know. I love comments.

Sam Sarvis is a huge RPG fan and is always looking for a new game to put 60+ hours into.

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