Keira Knightley & Orlando Bloom to Reprise Their Roles In Pirates 5

When Pirates of the Caribbean first arrived in theaters in 2003, it was a mega hit that projected actors like Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley into the spotlight alongside the brilliant and quirky Johnny Depp.

However, it seems sometimes that Disney is beating a dead horse with the Pirates franchise. Instead of ending the series with At World’s End, the studio decided to release the less than stellar On Stranger Tides in 2011. With a disjointed plot and storytelling that came nowhere near to matching its predecessors, On Stranger Tides did not seem to fit anywhere in the Pirates of the Caribbean universe that brought so much swashbuckling fun to the big screen for years… Well it seems like Disney is trying one more time with a fifth installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.

Get caught up with the Pirate of the Caribbean franchise


Dead Men Tell No Tales opens May 26th and it looks like the filmmakers learned a lesson from On Stranger Tides. One of the biggest complaints that I personally had with the fourth film in the series was that so few of characters that we had fallen in love with over the years were nowhere to be seen. It looks like we don’t have to worry about that with Dead Men Tell No Tales because some familiar faces have just made an appearance in the recently released international trailer.


In a brief flash we see Will Turner, now captain of the Flying Dutchman after the events of At World’s End, and even his wife Elizabeth Swann.

While the plot looks painfully similar to The Curse of the Black Pearl (a cursed captain is searching for Jack Sparrow and Jack seeks out the help from a straight laced good boy and a free spirited girl), many people are still looking forward to this (supposedly) final installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. With Bloom and Knightley returning to the Caribbean as Will and Elizabeth, it connects this sequel to the originals that were so enjoyable and did so well.

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Are you looking forward to seeing Captain Jack Sparrow on the big screen once more? Do you think this should be the final film or should we see another adventure with Jack? Let us know in the comments and we’ll see you at the movies on May 26th!

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