Brunner 1.0’s WWE Network Match of the Week

2002 was a crazy year for the WWE, however, this one triple-threat match always stands out to me.

Wrestlemania 18, Triple H came back to prominence as the WWE Undisputed Champion. Then, he dropped the belt to Hulk Hogan. Then, the Undertaker took it from the Hulkster. Thus, we get here. Undertaker. Rock. Angle. 3 of the best in the business. However, I must say, I always fear the worst for Triple Threat Matches. Odd number of people inside the squared circle is often a means for disaster. However, I guess when 3 superstar athletes are in the prime of their career, and entertaining in the main-event, it doesn’t get much better.


I must say, looking back, I had no idea who would win this match. The Rock was rumored to be leaving for Hollywood. This is when the “Internet Wrestling Community” was really starting to come into form. Angle and Taker went toe to toe prior to this, with that superb ending where Angle’s shoulders are on the mat and Taker taps at the same time. Now, you’re throwing the Rock in there? Tough to beat.

I frankly expected a slower match than what I got. Angle and Rock can certainly pick up the pace, but I was lost in the Undertaker of 2017. 15 years ago? This man could ramp it up! And with so many back and forth endings, I can’t help but think fondly at this match from my teen years. As a 13-year-old, I thought it was a 5-star match to say the least. It received 4.5 from Dave Meltzer. Sorry bro, but you’re wrong. This was a 5-star match up until the very end when Undertaker appears to break up the pin and misses by the slimmest of margins. Man, I’m still getting chills thinking about it.

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