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The Rated R superstar made me cry when he retired. Now I get to live through all the biggest matches in his career.

I hated Edge when he wrestled. He won me over during his feuds with Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle on Smackdown. Then he won the Tag Team Titles with Hulk Hogan! I was sold. However, I legitimately despised Edge when he became “The Rated R” superstar. Which means, he was a good at his job.

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The WWE Network posted a series of career highlights for Edge. “You Think You Know Me” has been really fun to go back and live through. The first tag team matches with Edge and Christian. His Rated R turn and impressive cash-in on John Cena. Even the “Live Sex Celebration” the night after (which looking back was an obvious ploy to get ratings, and it worked).

In 2008, Edge took on the Deadman, the Phenom, The Undertaker. And it was in Hell in a Cell. Prior to that, Edge needed the inspiration to defeat the man known for Hell in a Cell matches. As Mick Foley said, “this Edge will not beat the Undertaker in Hell in a Cell.” It was a superb Cutting Edge segment where Edge looked off into the distance and simply said, “I understand” and then blasted Mick Foley. It truly was not something I saw coming, and probably should have.

Mick Foley: You Think You Know Edge…

Summerslam 2008, the marquee is set for this World Heavyweight Title Match, and wow what a match. This had everything. Tables. Ladders. Chairs. Cameras. They fought inside the cell. They fought outside the cell. And nothing felt out of place. There weren’t wasted movements in this. I think this match in retrospect made so much sense to me because of the recent Hell in a Cell matches we had.



This match is just part of the Undertaker’s history…

Shane McMahon and the Undertaker didn’t need the Cell. Sasha and Charlotte didn’t need the Cell. Ambrose and Rollins didn’t need the Cell. This match needed the cell because of what it meant and the two professionals executed it perfectly. This is a LONG match. Clocks in at over 45 minutes with promo and entrances, but boy is it worth it to me. Undertaker sent Edge to hell, and it was a fun match to live through once again.


Who wins if these two figurines go head to head?










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