May the 4th: Glitter For Carrie

As May The Fourth is drawing closer, my friend brought to my attention that Tumblr will be using this holiday as a remembrance for the late and great Carrie Fisher. How are they doing this? By wearing Glitter. Glitter is something Carrie used regularly to help her cope with her bi-polar disorder and depression. You can even see her dotting glitter on fellow fans at cons.

Image result for carrie fisher and glitter

Image result for carrie fisher and glitter

She even told some of the fans that the glitter will help protect them. So on May the 4th I’ll be following Tumblr’s lead, and will be wearing copious amounts of glitter not only in memory of our late princess and general, but for Mental Health Awareness. So I ask one question will you join me?

May the Force Be With you and until next time Geeks, Cheers!

The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

Sammy Bud is one of our veteran Geekiverse writers and is gonna be sparkling like a damn unicorn on May the 4th

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  1. My daughter (age 13) is doing the Glitter for May Forth today at her school and has gotten a lot of her friends to follow her league. I’ll be doing this from the medical side as well. This is a great idea to support both: Carrie Fisher and Mental Health.

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