Disney robots at theme parks could be reality soon

Company officials with Disney filed a patent to develop robots! So the next time you hit up DisneyLand, there could be costumed robots giving kids high-fives and dancing in the park.

These new creatures are described as “humanoid robots,” meaning they would physically act like humans.

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The patent indicates the Disney workers have already created a small version of this for a prototype, and it was based on a famous Disney character.

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What do you think? When will we see these introduced to the public? Do you like the idea of robots alongside humans at Disney parks? Comment below!

BB-8 Real Robot

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    Eventually there will be *robot* parents that will be tied to the state that monitors every child and at first ti will be for *criminals* who are convicted of violent crimes or non payment for support then it will apply to all citizens regardless.

    Just watch.

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