Dragonball Super Episode 82 Review

Dragonball super episode 82 is here to wrap up the final exhibition match of the tournament of power. Yes, this time the show actually means it this time. After universe 7’s victory in the previous episode, a mysterious fighter jumps into the ring to bring justice to all the universes. The mysterious cloaked figure is Toppo, the warrior of freedom from universe 11. Toppo is the leader of the pride troopers, but does he have what it takes to take on a Saiyan? Lets find out!

*Spoilers Below*

Before the fight begins, Toppo continues the idea of Goku being evil and at this point, I am starting to believe Goku is all about it. Our hero is giving off a major Goku Black vibe and is letting his pride get the best of him. It is setting a reputation for Goku as the fighter everyone wants dead in the tournament, which is probably Gokus plan to make it a challenging fight.

When the match begins, Goku instantly goes Super Saiyan and senses the strength of his enemy. Its no surprise when Goku gets excited, but it was a charming moment when Gohan says that his saiyan blood cant help him from being pumped up about this fight. That line from Gohan is something that has been missing from the character since super began and was such a nice return to form. It made myself geek out while Lord Beerus growns and rolls his eyes at the Saiyans.Dragon-Ball-Super-Episode-82-image-34

The fight was pretty interesting from the start. Toppo’s fighting style brought me back to wackiness of the Ginyu Force. The difference here is that Toppo isnt a warrior to be taken lightly. His size and mustache made him look like a joke, but he instantly gives Goku a run for his Zeni by instantly breaking his arm. Toppo even puts Goku into an arm lock and begins crushing his bones. This makes Goku completely power down and should have been the end of the fight.57bb18c727964a672e2895f2561c52cb

Unfortunately, Goku pulls out his trump card and goes Super Saiyan Blue to put and end to Toppo. The two fighters are now on an even playing field and begin putting on more of a show. Goku powers up again anothr beautifully animated Kamehameha to put an end to Toppo, but he merely puts a scratch onto his opponents clothing. Something that really sold Toppo as a character for me was how his simply damaging the pride troopers clothing sent him into a fury. That is Vegeta levels of pride and really brought out the personal side of his character.DBS82Kamehameha1-720x405

Toppo’s rage gives him a boost in power, which makes Goku use his kaioken technique to follow up with him. Goku speaks of going beyond his limits, which to me meant he was gonna bring out a brand new form.Sadly a new form wasn’t shown as of yet. The Grand priest puts the fight to an end in fear of one of the fighters being killed. This was a let down, because i wanted Toppo to win this fight. It would have opened Goku’s eyes and made him realize that hes has to start taking himself more seriously.dbs82blog-1490050009189_1280w

When the fight ends, Goku offers to shake hands with Toppo. Toppo denies and tells Goku that he refuses to give evil that kind of joy. Toppo saying this was another highlight of the episode and made the character even more respectful. Toppo also tells Goku that he will meet his end from his friend Siren in the tournament. Jiren is the guy in the opening intro that we have been seeing Goku fight. This was a good tease for whats to come and a great ending point of the exhibition matches.

With these matches over, the Grand priest begins building the arena for the tournament of power. This is only going to take less then 40 hours and in this short amount of time Goku needs to assemble the 10 most powerful warriors in his universe… good luck universe 7!goku-agace-beerus-mais-vraiment



Dragonball Super episode 82 was a great time. It introduced us to Toppo, who was the best new character we have seen this arc. The fight was enjoyable to watch, despite it needing more consequence. That being said, the prelude to this tournament has already had so much fan service and its just the beginning. I cannot wait to see some of the older characters make their long awaited comebacks. Tune in next week to see Goku assemble his team as well as the introduction of a brand new Saiyan baby!

+ Toppo is an amazing character

+ The Omni King’s hilarious reactions to the fight

+ Commentary from Beerus, Gohan and Mr. Satan

– Goku should have lost this fight

–  The match ended too soon

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