Doctor Strange Trailer Reaction

The first full trailer for Doctor Strange was revealed to the public on Jimmy Kimmel last night.  What we saw was a view of the Marvel Universe we haven’t seen yet.


A lot of fans have questioned how the concept of magic would be handled since Thor explained it as “advanced science.”  But with Doctor Strange, we are given glimpses of surreal imagery and beautiful, haunting set pieces designed to bend our imagination.

We are given brief flashes of the new characters.  Baron Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is only featured for a second but his costume is an appropriate translation of what we know from the comic books.  Rachel McAdams shows up in nurse’s scrubs, showing that the classic Night Nurse character has not been completely erased in favor of Claire Templeton.

The real standout visually is Tilda Swinton’s turn as The Ancient One, who carries a powerful and otherworldly feel with only a few seconds of time.  Benedict Cumberbatch flips between the cold and arrogant Stephen Strange in his past and the more desperate and disheveled look he will most likely adopt after the car injury, which takes away his ability to perform surgery.

But what really locks in my excitement is the visuals of the world.  The brief glimpse of a man adorned with black facial markings in what looks to be a ceremonial chamber, a cube like cityscape that I can barely describe, and the sight of Stephen Strange’s soul being separated from his body, shows us this will be a very different film from Marvel Studios previous outings visually, and one that may capture the oddity of Marvel’s mystical side.

Doctor Strange hits theaters on November 4th and will be the 14th film set in the MCU.

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