Geek Madness Round 1 Results – Round 2 Voting Is Live!

There were surprises, close calls, and landslides. Round 1 was exciting, but only the strong have survived and moved on to Round 2. Get your votes in today!

For full Round 1 results, click this link. Below are the winners along with the new match-ups. Voting will run through this Sunday at 8:00 PM ET.



Star Wars 2

[polldaddy poll=9336077]

[polldaddy poll=9336084]

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[polldaddy poll=9336094]

Marvel 2

[polldaddy poll=9336096]

[polldaddy poll=9336098]

[polldaddy poll=9336101]

[polldaddy poll=9336105]

Magic 2

[polldaddy poll=9336107]

[polldaddy poll=9336111]

[polldaddy poll=9336112]

[polldaddy poll=9336115]

DC 2

[polldaddy poll=9336118]

[polldaddy poll=9336120]

[polldaddy poll=9336122]

[polldaddy poll=9336123]


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