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Any WWE fan knows these past couple of months have been rough. Between the injuries to the top stars, and the suspect writing: it’s been tough to stay in touch with the current product being put out on TV. But, the show must go on, and December 13th we turn to WWE TLC.

Extreme Wyatts
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Unfortunately, the build-up to this match has been very boring so far. Tommy Dreamer coming back was awesome. Rhine coming back was cool. But anyone who thinks Team Extreme goes over the Wyatt’s has to be crazy. That being said, this is the WWE writing staff, and they may do it just to spite me.

The unique thing about this is the tables elimination factor. We could see a lot of great eliminations. 3D’s through tables. A Sister Abigail cracking wood. Someone getting Gored from the ring apron to a table below? I’m in. The writing up this match has been weak, but there is the possibility of some great spots in the match itself.  Could be fantastic. Could be. Hopefully the Wyatts finally get a win they deserve.

ADR Swagger
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This match arguably has the best storyline, and that’s unfortunately not saying much. Jack Swagger randomly came back when ADR and Zeb Colter surprisingly teamed up. Ever since then, he’s been asking Zeb: what gives? What happened to the American pride? What happened to We The People? On the final Raw before TLC, we saw the potential end of ADR and Colter when the MexAmerica champ tripped over the motor wheel chair, “embarrassing” Del Rio.

The other side plot: ADR is with the League of Nations. Sheamus did not say he was from MexAmerica, the new country he’s been loudly supporting with Colter. Sheamus said Del Rio represented Mexico. This leads me to believe Del Rio is turning full heel, and Swagger is going to come in with that American pride to get the people jacked up. That being said, Del Rio came back and beat John Cena for the U.S. Title. John. Cena. Hard to see him losing it this quickly.

Tag Title
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New. Day Rocks. New. Day Rocks. New. Day Rocks. This team is simply entertaining. They play so well off each other. It’s been a long time since the Universe has had a group that people look forward to coming out every single time. The Shield was great in a different way.

This match could be the match of the card. Kofi Kingston is bound to have some amazing stuff happen in a ladder match. Whether he does a high-flying aerial, or he gets power-bombed through the steel, the dude always delivers in ladder matches. The question is who joins Kofi, and how do all 3 members get involved?

Aside from Kofi, both Sin Cara and Kalisto are capable of amazing high-flying moves. Kalisto climbed the Elimination Chamber and crashed down on the other teams. You never know what those two Luchadors will do. The Usos are finally back, and you have to expect them to make some big moves to show everyone they’re here for the long run. One has to think the WWE staff will continue riding the New Day train and have them keep the titles.

Ambrose Owens
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No stipulation here, and virtually no build-up. Owens missed a week of television because of an illness (so WWE leads us to believe). Owens is legitimately a main-event star. The dude has shot up the ranks in seemingly no time. This time last year, he was debuting in NXT. He’s already been the NXT Champ, beat John Cena by pinfall, and taken the Intercontinental Title. However, it still feels like he’s being held back.

Meanwhile, Dean Ambrose needs some big victories. He’s contended for the World Heavyweight Title, he’s been in the main-event several times, and he’s a face that everyone recognizes. That being said, it still feels as though he is being held back. So between the two people being held back, who finally gets the push?

It doesn’t seem like Ambrose needs the Intercontinental Title. As much as it pains me to say it, he could lose and I would still consider Ambrose a top contender to win next month’s Royal Rumble. He’s reached that level. It feels as though WWE is reluctant to push Owens any further than this, at least for now.  Probably the match of the night, and Owens retains his title.

Flair Paige
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Very weird match heading into TLC. Charlotte has been the face Champion for quite some time. Now she’s the “dirtiest daughter in the game,” following in her father’s footsteps. That of course being “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. She turned on her best friend Becky Lynch. She claims it’s to show Becky she has a lot to learn. Who does that though? You cheat because you’re a cheater. And Paige has been calling that all along.

Paige has become the celebrated anti-hero, that people still love to hate. Like I said, it’s very weird. Paige slaps Ric Flair. You boo, because who slaps the 16 time champ and gets away with it? Then Flair sends his daughter to attack Paige, and you feel somewhat conflicted. It just doesn’t feel right that Ric is sending his daughter after Paige to fight his battles. Charlotte can defend her family honor. It’s all just awkward.

The storyline would be better if the company allowed the controversy surrounding Paige’s comments on Charlotte’s brother to live on. They won’t though, so we simply have to hope for a solid wrestling match. Survivor Series was good, but it was far from the best these two can deliver. I expect a lot cleaner match between the two, and I also expect Charlotte to keep her title. There’s no reason to take it off her right now.

Sheamus Reigns
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And that’s the bottom line, because Sheamus 5:15 says I just whooped your arse! Wait what? No clue what this 5:15 gimmick is. I understand it’s mocking Stone Cold Steve Austin, but the connection simply isn’t there. And that’s the theme of this match for me. What WWE is trying to accomplish simply isn’t there. Sheamus is not the massive heel WWE wants him to be. Roman Reigns isn’t the babyface they want him to be.

Reigns has ben screwed over time after time. Wrestlemania 31: gets pinned by Seth Rollins who cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase to win the World Heavyweight title. Money in the Bank: Bray Wyatt pulls him from the ladder, preventing him from getting the briefcase (Sheamus would go on to nab it, cashing in on Reigns at Survivor Series). Reigns finally wins the World Title, and the Authority ensures it doesn’t end that way. Roman Reigns is no Daniel Bryan. You can’t make the WWE Universe love him.

So where do we go from here? Taking the title off Sheamus so quickly seems like a poor idea. That being said, the ratings have been the worst ever lately. In history. Is it time for a change-up in the hopes the ratings jump? I don’t see it. Expect some shenanigans and Sheamus to keep his title.

Frankly, this PPV is centered around the theme of Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. For that reason alone, the show should be solid with exciting action, even if the storylines might be sub-par at this point. Let us know what you think in the comments. Who wins? Who surprises? Who returns….?

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