Darth Vader #4 Review

Darth Vader #4 takes us for a trip down memory lane only this time, it’s through the prequel era.


If you read my review of Darth Vader #3, you’ll remember I mentioned a few specific throwbacks to the prequel trilogy era. I mentioned how important it is that Disney and Marvel don’t forget those times, because they are vital to Star Wars’ grand history.

Well, they are mixing the prequel era with the original trilogy era better than ever.

Darth Vader #4 takes up to Geonosis with Doctor Aphra the Droid Archaeologist, Triple 0, and BT-1. The mission? To create a loyal droid army for the Dark Lord himself. The planet has been wiped out and most of the Geonosian population is deceased. Few remain, including an Geonosian Queen (I’m not quite sure if this is the identical character that made an appearance in Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series, but it seems so). The Queen is creating droid hybrids and raising them as part of the new planet population.

There were a few flashbacks and throwbacks that I really enjoyed. One still showed Anakin and Padme kissing during a scene from Attack of the Clones. Vader clearly doesn’t want to talk about it when prompted by Aphra. In a separate moment, Vader mentions that he once had legions of troops at his command, i.e. the Clone Army of the Republic. Lastly, Aphra mentions Vader’s ship at one point. Shortly after, we see that it is actually Padme’s Royal Naboo Cruiser! You know, the one she flew to Mustafar in Revenge of the Sith. So neat!

The plot is super interesting. How long will Vader keep Aphra around? She’s totally on board with hanging by his side. After Triple 0’s interrogation of a person with intel on the Emperor, will Vader be able to discover the Emperor’s secret subplot?



The story just keeps getting better and the throwbacks to Episodes I, II, and III are just amazing.

Darth Vader #4: Vader (Part 4)

+ Prequel era throwbacks provide engaging inclusion and show what’s left of Vader’s human side.

+ Multiple intriguing plots have me pining for issue #5.


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