The Geekend: Easter Weekend Edition – 4/4/15

Happy Easter to all! It’s a Spring Geekend for us, including some family time, a little game time (thank goodness!), and lots of stress as the Buffalo Sabres enter the final week of the regular season.

Josiah LeRoy (@JosiahDLeRoy): Happy Easter weekend to you and your families! I plan on catching up on a few articles for the site and watching Season 4 of Bob’s Burgers, which just appeared on Netflix. I am planning on making progress on South Park: The Stick of Truth. I am having a blast with it so far! Other than that, it is a mega stressful weekend to be a Sabres fan with 30th place hanging in the balance. Fingers crossed.

Andrew Garvey: My spring break is nearing its end, so I plan on continuing to plug away at the FFXIV main storyline (I should finish today!) and leveling up my gathering/crafting classes. I just opened my copy of Bloodborne, so I’ll be giving myself a minor stroke playing that. Lastly, I’m going to try to wrangle up an extra $59.99 so I can buy Elite Dangerous on Steam.

Nicholas Ramierz: Well it’s one week now until Daredevil hits Netflix, so this weekend I’ll be reading some of my DD trades, getting myself stoked up for my all time favorite character to be on the screen again.

Chris Austin (@caustin588): My weekend will be spent moving towards the end of the story in Dragon Age: Inquisition and playing multiplayer in Advance Warfare, trying to do as little harm as possible to my always awful K/D ratio. Also, like Josiah I will be on the edge of my seat as the Sabres limp towards the end of the season and hopefully end up in 30th.

Louis Mattiuzzo (@Sweetest_Lou): Nothing too geeky on my plate this weekend. I am most likely going to binge watch the first 6 Fast & Furious movies with my fiancée so that we can see Fast 7 in the near future. Family time on Easter, which will more than likely include discussions with my cousins on Avengers: Age of Ultron, Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, the Flash, and anything and everything that my fiancée will tease me about for being an adult male in my 30s and still caring VERY much about. Happy Christ has Risen Day! Pray the Sabres lose the next 4 games.

What is entertaining you between family time and possible outdoors time? We want to know. Leave a comment below or head over to Facebook & Twitter and join the conversation.

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