The Geekend 3.22.15

It’s another busy weekend for the Geekiverse writers, but it wouldn’t be a weekend without some game time!

Josiah LeRoy (@JosiahDLeRoy): My Geekend is a busy one, but in between errands and events I will be focusing on The Witcher 2. It’s not gripping me at all like I hoped, but I am still enjoying it. I am also hoping to play Tales From The Bordlerands Episode 2. I think Tales is actually better than Telltales’ Game of Thrones so far, but to each their own. Lastly, I’ll be rooting my head off for another Sabres loss. Happy gaming!

Andrew Garvey: Not only am I a video game geek, but I’m also a musical geek! This weekend, my school is putting on a production of Disco Inferno, so I’ll be helping with directing duties for the show Friday, and the two shows on Saturday. Then on Sunday, I’m chaperoning a huge group of students who are going to a local theatre to see Phantom of the Opera. Hopefully I’ll be back with enough time to play some FFXIV!

Samantha Sarvis: This winter has been a brutal one and there isn’t a game that can really hold my attention span anymore. I’m hoping that I can finally get over my cabin fever and finish some of the games I’ve started like Dragonball: Xenoverse, Pokemon: Omega Ruby, and Final Fantasy: Type-0.

Jeff Pawlak (@JeffreyPavs): After suffering a painful defeat in Legend of Zelda Monopoly Friday night, I’m using the weekend to kick back and catch up on a number of things. I’m still making my through the Majora’s Mask 3D remake, currently in the spooky Ikana Valley and heading to the Stone Tower. I’m also finishing some side stuff with Pokemon: Omega Ruby. I’ve got some reading to do with Theros: Journey into Nyx, an ebook novella based on one of the recent Magic the Gathering card set. I’ll hopefully knock out a few episodes of the beautifully-animated TV show Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit. One thing I already got out of the way was finally to watch the movie Whiplash, which was an absolutely stirring piece of work that provides a powerful lesson for artists to never become too engrossed in your craft.

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