Agents of SHIELD: Melinda Review

April 22, 2015 thesweetestlou 0

Let’s get back into the swing of things with the episode entitled, “Melinda,” which gives us our first glimpse at Agent Melinda May’s past, something that has been hinted at for almost two seasons.  Fans […]


Darth Vader #2 Review

April 21, 2015 Josiah LeRoy 13

The Chosen One. Dark Lord of the Sith. At one time, Jedi Knight. We have never witnessed Darth Vader being anything other than the favorite, the expected victor, the intimidating legend. Darth Vader #2 brings […]



April 19, 2015 vilonatrachtenberg 0

Welcome back, fellow Gotham fans. It’s been a long, hard month without Gotham, but we are welcomed back with a new villain and an even newer Jim Gordon ready to take on new challenges.


The Flash: Tricksters Review

April 16, 2015 thesweetestlou 0

The DC Television Universe, for the 2nd time in as many weeks, treated fans to interesting flashbacks.  Now, we’ve become accustomed to flashbacks on Arrow, which more often than not deal with the titular character, Oliver […]


Cinderella (2015) Review

April 5, 2015 Josiah LeRoy 2

Disney continues their live-action series of adaptations with 2015’s Cinderella . Unlike 2014’s Maleficient, Cinderella is a pleasant surprise.


Battlefield: Hardline Review

April 4, 2015 danieljmanns 0

The Battlefield franchise breaks away from its tried and true militaristic first person shooter model that it has successfully adhered to for so many years and delves into new territory in its latest release: Battlefield […]

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